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The Rudolf Steiner Archive

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The Calendar of the Soul
GA 40

COTS Graphic

The dates given in GA 40 relate to the manuscript of the first edition, which covered the year 1912-1913. To avoid confusion, they are omitted here. When he was questioned about the change of dates that occurs from year to year, Rudolf Steiner stressed that one must always begin with the first verse at Easter. Thus, the change in dates is not important because three successive verses of the Calendar are always kept in the same mood.

Accordingly, Easter is Week 1 in the Northern Hemisphere and Week 27 in the Southern Hemisphere. Following the annual schedule, some lessons are often combined to fit a 52 week cycle. The dates change annually with the date of Easter.

This translation of was made by Ruth and Hans Pusch.

Preface to the Second Edition (1918)
Corresponding Verses of the Calendar of the Soul
1.First Week—Easter & Spring
2.Second Week
3.Third Week
4.Fourth Week
5.Fifth Week
6.Sixth Week
7.Seventh Week
8.Eighth Week
9.Ninth Week
10.Tenth Week
11.Eleventh Week
12.Twelfth Week
13.Thirteenth Week—St. John's Tide & Midsummer
14.Fourteenth Week
15.Fifteenth Week
16.Sixteenth Week
18.Eighteenth Week
19.Nineteenth Week
20.Twentieth Week
21.Twenty-first Week
22.Twenty-second Week
23.Twenty-third Week
24.Twenty-fourth Week
25.Twenty-fifth Week
26.Twenty-sixth Week—Michaelmas & Autumn
27.Twenty-seventh Week
28.Twenty-eighth Week
29.Twenty-ninth Week
30. Thirtieth Week
31.Thirty-first Week
32.Thirty-second Week
33.Thirty-third Week
34.Thirty-fourth Week
35.Thirty-fifth Week
36.Thirty-sixth Week
37.Thirty-seventh Week
38.Thirty-eighth Week—Christmas
39.Thirty-ninth Week
40.Fortieth Week—Midwinter
41.Forty-first Week
42.Forty-second Week
43.Forty-third Week
44.Forty-fourth Week
45.Forty-fifth Week
46.Forty-sixth Week
47.Forty-seventh Week
48.Forty-eigth Week
49.Forty-ninth Week
50.Fiftieth Week
51.Fifty-first Week
52.Fifty-second Week