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Fruits of Anthroposophy.

This article is an exerpt from the book “The Fruits of Anthroposophy — an Introduction to The Work of Dr. Rudolf Steiner”, published in 1922 by The Threefold Commonwealth, London. The book was compiled and edited by George Kaufmann, M.A. Cantab.

Please note that throughout this book, and throughout the entire site, the word that Dr. Steiner used for his new artform is spelled: Eurhythmy.

The Goetheanum is not the only piece of artistic work initiated by Dr. Rudolf Steiner. The production of the four Mystery Plays in 1910–18, involving great technical and artistic difficulties, has already been mentioned. In music also, new work is being done within the Anthroposophical Movement.*

Simultaneously with the production of the Mystery Plays, Dr. Steiner began to evolve the new art of movement known as “Eurhythmy.” In recent years, this has become one of the most fruitful and far-reaching of the independent activities initiated by the Anthroposophical Movement. A brief reference to Eurhythmy and its underlying principle has already been made, in the chapter by Arild Rosenkrantz (pp. 93–95). See also the references in the Bibliography: 182, 184, 259, 260, 261, 297, 298.

Eurhythmy as a fine art is chiefly connected with recitation, poetry music and drama. Lyrical poems, satirical and humorous pieces, scenes from Goethe's Faust and other dramatic representations have been given, and with ever increasing success. No one can see Eurhythmy, and still less learn it, without perceiving its wonderful possibilities for the popularisation and purification of artistic life. Beautiful representations of well-known musical works, and of pieces specially composed by the musicians working at the Goetheanum, have been given.

Eurhythmy is of fundamental use in education. Children love it, almost without exception. It forms an essential part of the Waldorf School curriculum and of the children's classes at Dornach,* from the lowest classes upwards. It enters fundamentally into the teaching of writing, languages, music, geometry and kindred subjects.

Not only for children but for adults too, Eurhythmy is a physical exercise which at the same time strengthens the will and purifies the feelings. Unlike a purely mechanical exercise or one externally devised, it grasps the soul of the human being, and harmonises body, soul and spirit. Therapeutically it is being used at the clinics at Arlesheim and Stuttgart.**

Public demonstrations of Eurhythmy are given almost every week-end at the Goetheanum, and are visited by hundreds and thousands of people. Demonstrations have also been given in large theatres in many European cities — e.g., in Berne, Zurich, The Hague, Amsterdam, Stuttgart, Berlin, Dresden, Cologne, Christiania.

In most of these cities and in many others — e.g., Paris, London, and Vienna — classes are regularly being held. Eurhythmy is also being introduced into schools in many different places; and even into factories, for working girls. For classes in London and elsewhere in Great Britain, apply to Miss F. Sonklar (of Dornach), c/o the Secretary of the Anthroposophical Society in London.

** Dr. F. Thomastik, the Vienna musician and expert in acoustics, working partly on his own ideas and partly under the advice of Dr. Steiner, is evolving a new form of stringed instrument (violin, viola, 'cello). Beautiful results have already been obtained, and the instruments are being manufactured by a small cooperative factory under the guidance of Dr. Thomastik in Vienna.
Miss Kathleen Schlesinger (of the Liverpool University Institute of Archeology) has obtained interesting confirmation, from Dr. Steiner's Spiritual Science, of her own independent researches on “Natural Intonation,” in the history of ancient music and on its connection with the spiritual evolution of man.


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