Rudolf Steiner Archive 


Author's Preface to the Revised Edition, 1918

Science of Spiritual Activity (Freiheit)

  1. Conscious Human Action

  2. The Fundamental Desire for Knowledge

  3. Thinking in the Service of Apprehending the World

  4. The World as Perception

  5. The Activity of Knowing the World

  6. The Human Individuality

  7. Are There Limits to Knowing?

The Reality of Spiritual Activity (Freiheit)

  1. The Factors of Life

  2. The Idea of Spiritual Activity (Freiheit)

  3. Philosophy of Spiritual Activity and Monism

  4. World Purpose and Life Purpose
    (The Vocation of Man)

  5. Moral Imagination
    (Darwinism and Morality)

  6. The Value of Life
    (Pessimism and Optimism)

  7. Individuality and Genus

Final Questions

The Consequences of Monism

First Appendix
(Addendum to the Revised Edition of 1918)

Second Appendix
(Author's Preface to the First Edition)

Translator's Appendix

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