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The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity

Die Philosophie der Freiheit

Rudolf Steiner

(Berlin 1894; GA 4)

This book, written in 1894, is a fundamental treatment of Steiner's philosophical outlook. Together with Truth and Science and The Riddles of Philosophy it might be considered as one third of a philosophical trilogy. The emphasis of the book is not on “freedom” as ordinarily understood, but is on “freiheit” or what might be termed freeness, or freehood. This freeness is a self-starting, self-directing activity of a spiritual sort. Here, the term “spiritual” is used in a sense not incompatible with the use of the word in the tradition of the German idealistic school of philosophy.

We offer the original work, in German, and selected translations for the reader to experience. Our original German edition was donated by $em01, and the Spanish edition by $em02

Philosophy of Spiritual Activity Selections ...

. Die Philosophie der Freiheit
Book Cover Image $gr01

. Die Philosophie der Freiheit (our original German presentation)
Book Cover Image $gr02

. Philosophy of Spiritual Activity
Book Cover Image This edition was published by Rudolf Steiner Publications, Inc., New York, 1963, with 411 pp. It is translated from the 2nd German edition of 1918 by Rita Stebbing, and is bound together with Truth and Knowledge.

. Philosophy of Spiritual Activity
Book Cover Image This edition was published by Rudolf Steiner Publications, London, 1949, with 220 pp. It is the sixth edition, based on the original authorized Translation by Prof. and Mrs. R. F. Alfred Hoernlé, revised and amended by Hermann Poppelbaum, Phil.D.

. Philosophy of Spiritual Activity
Book Cover Image This volume is a translation of Die Philosophie der Freiheit, published by the Anthroposophic Press, New York. The German volume is number four in the Collected Edition of Rudolf Steiner's works. It was translated by William Lindeman. The cover Graphic Form is by Rudolf Steiner (originally as a study for the book Truth and Science). Layout and lettering by Peter Stebbing.

. La Filosofia de La Libertad
Book Cover Image $sp01

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