Rudolf Steiner Archive 

Steiner Portrait

RUDOLF STEINER, philosopher, scientist and educator, (1861–1925), has achieved world-wide fame as the originator of the Science of the Spirit known as Anthroposophy, and as a pioneer of genius in many fields of learning.

Today his educational methods are practised in numerous co-educational schools throughout the world. In special homes and villages for maladjusted and handicapped children and adults his ideas are applied in the service of those in need of special care. In architecture, the organic style of building which he created for the first and second Goetheanum, the Headquarters of the Anthroposophical Society at Dornach, Switzerland is outstanding in contemporary architecture for its originality. His insight into problems of illness have led to the development of hospitals and centres of medical research dedicated to forwarding the principles of healing he set forth. In agriculture his biodynamic system has helped many farmers throughout the world to improve their crops and livestock. Science, art, philosophy and religion have equally profited from his discoveries. And as time goes on, the reputation of this truly remarkable personality continues to grow and to exert an ever increasing influence on our century.

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