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Calendar of the Soul

Week 27

When to my being's depths I penetrate,
There stirs expectant longing
That self-observing, I may find myself
As gift of summer sun, a seed
That warming lives in autumn mood
As germinating force of soul.

Southern Hemisphere
Week 1

When out of world-wide spaces
The sun speaks to the human mind,
And gladness from the depths of soul
Becomes, in seeing, one with light,
Then rising from the sheath of self,
Thoughts soar to distances of space
And dimly bind
The human being to the spirit's life.

—Translation by Ruth and Hans Pusch

See GA 40 for full calendar and German text.

Twelve Moods
GA 40

Planet Dance

The sunlight is gleaming —
What carries its beaming
to crystal and flower
so far down below?

Es leuchtet die Sonne —
Was traget ihr Strahlen
Zu Blüten und Steinen
So machtvoll daher?

The soul has been drifting —
Who yearns for uplifting,
from faith to the power
of vision to grow?

Es wehet die Seele —
Was hebet das Leben
Aus Glauben zum Schauen
So sehnend hinauf?

Seek, soul, to be seeing
in stones the light fleeing,
in blossoms its bower, —
yourself you shall know.

O suche, du Seele,
In Steinen den Strahl,
In Blüten das Licht
Du findest dich selbst.

The heavens are blueing —
What aims are pursuing,
what secrets outsending
expanses blue-pearled?

Us blauet der Himmel —
Was sendet die Tiefe
Aus Femen zur Erde
Geheimnisvoll her?

The spirit is waking —
What strength is in making,
what will is unbending,
what shining unfurled?

Es wirket der Geist —
Was schaffet der Starke
Aus wollendem Sein
Zur scheinenden Kraft?

So, spirit, be guiding,
remote still abiding,
to vision unending, —
you find all the world.

So lenke, o Geist,
Zur Ferne den Blick,
Zur Tiefe dich selbst
Du findest die Welt.

The starlight is dancing —
What radiance entrancing,
the centre unsealing,
is sent from afar?

Esfunkeln die Sterne
Was breitet das Glänzen
Aus Weiten zur Mitte
Enthüllend daher?

And men are still questing —
They strive, never resting,
and anxiously feeling,
to know who they are?

Es fraget der Mensch
Was rätselt im Innern
Aus bänglichem Streben
Zum Wissen sich hin?

So man, be expanding
your soul's understanding,
your essence revealing, —
you find your own star.

So lenke, du Mensch,
Zur Weite dich selbst,
Zur Mitte das Sein
Du findest den Geist.

The night is unfolding —
What beings are moulding,
in infinite spacing,
of nothing — sheer weight?

Es waltet die Nacht
Was dämpfet die Wesen
Im endlosen Raum
Zu lastendem Nichts?

The universe trembles —
What breathing dissembles,
in darkness embracing
mysterious fate?

Es weset das All
Was waltet, sich hüllend
Im Dunkel der Gründe,
Verborgen atmend?

The spirit inspiring
is thirsting, is firing,
with worlds interlacing,
small beings and great.

Es ahnet des Geistes
Erbrennendes Dursten
In Welten die Wesen,
In Wesen die Welten.

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