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Turning Points in Spiritual History
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(part 2)

I will now add the titles of some further subjects upon which Rudolf Steiner has lectured. These taken together, build up a grand structure of consistent effort, showing moderation of conscious perception in world-philosophy founded upon a solid basis of experience and spirituality, pointing a clear way to a broader and a fuller future; but all unheeded by a short-sighted present-day humanity. The wide range of subjects covered by the list may possibly evoke amazement, and even be somewhat disconcerting; it nevertheless represents only a small part of the far-reaching comprehensive lecture-activities of Rudolf Steiner  -- a small part, indeed, in relation to the overflowing abundance of his knowledge -- presented always with the highest artistic elegance before many exclusive and understanding audiences, both in the form of single lectures and lecture cycles of never-failing power and nobility of conception.



1905,   5 Oct. Haeckel, ‘The Riddle of the Universe' and Theosophy.
  12    ‘’ The World Crisis. (War, Peace, and Theosophy.)
  19    ‘’ The Elements of Theosophy. (The Soul and Spirit of Man.)
  26    ‘’ The Social Question, and Theosophy.
    2 Nov. Concerning The Status of Women.
    9    ‘’ The Elements of Theosophy. (The Human Races.)
  16    ‘’ The Basis of Wisdom in Religions.
  23    ‘’ Brotherhood, and the Battle of Life.
    7 Dec. The Development of our Inner Powers.
  14    ‘’ Christmas.



1906,   1 Feb. The Teachings of Wisdom in Christianity.
    8   ‘’ Theosophy and Art.
  15   ‘’ The Elements of Theosophy. (Reincarnation and Karma, as the Key to the Riddle of Man.)
  22   ‘’ Esoterism. I. Lucifer.
    1 March. Esoterism. II. The Children of Lucifer.
    8     ‘’ Germanic and Indian Secret Doctrines.
  15     ‘’ German Theosophists from the beginning of the nineteenth century.
  22     ‘’ Siegfried and the Götterdämmerung.
  29     ‘’ Parsifal and Lohengrin.
    5 April. The Elements of Theosophy. (The Evolution of the Planets.)
  12     ‘’ Easter.
  19     ‘’ The Development of our Inner Powers.
  20     ‘’ Paracelsus.
    3 May. Jacob Boehme.


OCTOBER, 1906, TO MAY, 1907.

1906, 11 Oct. Modern Knowledge of the Superperceptual and its significance in Life.
  25   ‘’ Blood as a Singular and Distinctive Fluid.
    8 Nov. The Origin of Suffering.
  22   ‘’ The Origin of Evil.
  13 Dec. The Understanding of Sickness and Death.
1907, 10 Jan. The Education of Children and Spiritual Science.
  24   ‘’ Educational Problems and Spiritual Science.
  31   ‘’ Insanity and Spiritual Science.
  14 Feb. Wisdom and Health.
  28   ‘’ The Life of Man and Spiritual Science.
  14 March. Who are the Rosicrucians?
  28   ‘’ Richard Wagner and Mysticism.
  11 April. What do our Scholars know of Theosophy?
  25   ‘’ Wisdom and the Bible.
  10 May. Wisdom and the Bible (continued).


OCTOBER, 1907, TO MAY, 1908.

1907, 10 Oct. The Mission of Occult Science in our Time.
  17   ‘’ Natural Science at the Cross-roads.
  24   ‘’ Knowledge of Soul and Spirit.
  31   ‘’ The Descent of Man.
  14 Nov. Man and Woman in the light of Spiritual Science.
  28   ‘’ Initiation
  12 Dec. The So-called Dangers of the Occult.
1908,   9 Jan. The Man, The Woman and The Child in the light of Spiritual Science.
  23   ‘’ The Souls of Animals in the light of Spiritual Science.
  13 Feb. Delusions of the Sick in the light of Spiritual Science.
  27   ‘’ The Craving for Health in the light of Spiritual Science.
  12 March. Vocation and Profit in the light of Spiritual Science.
  26   ‘’ The Sun, Moon and Stars.
    9 April. The Beginning and the End of the World.
  16   ‘’ Hell.
  14 May Heaven.


OCTOBER, 1908, TO MAY, 1909.

1908, 15 Oct. How and Where may we find the Spirit?
  22   ‘’ Goethe's ‘Occult Revelation’ (Exoteric).
  24   ‘’ Goethe's ‘Occult Revelation’ (Esoteric).
  12 Nov. Wisdom and The Bible (Old Testament).
  14   ‘’ Wisdom and The Bible (New Testament).
  10 Dec. Superstition and Spiritual Science.
  17   ‘’ Dietary and Spiritual Science.
1909, 14 Jan. Health Questions and Spiritual Science.
  28   ‘’ Tolstoi and Carnegie in the light of Spiritual Science.
  11 Feb. The Practical Development of our Thinking Powers.
  18   ‘’ Invisible Components of Man's Nature and Practical Life.
    4 March. The Secret of Man's Temperament.
  11   ‘’ The Riddle in Goethe's Faust target=_blank>Faust (Exoteric).
  12   ‘’ The Riddle in Goethe's Faust (Esoteric).
  20   ‘’ Nietzsche in the light of Spiritual Science. Isis and the Madonna.
    1 May. Ancient European Clairvoyance.
    6   ‘’ European Mysteries and their Initiates.


OCTOBER, 1909, TO MAY, 1910.

1909, 14 Oct. The Mission of Spiritual Science, Past and Present.
  21   ‘’ The Mission of Wrath. (Prometheus in Bonds.)
  22   ‘’ The Mission of Truth. (Goethe's Pandora in the light of Spiritual Science.)
  28   ‘’ The Mission of Devotion.
  29   ‘’ Human Character (continuation of above).
  11 Nov. Asceticism and Disease.
  25   ‘’ The Nature of Egoism. (Goethe's Wilhelm Meister.)
    2 Dec. Buddha and Christ.
  10   ‘’ The Moon in the light of Spiritual Science.
1910, 20 Jan. Spiritual Science and Language.
    3 Feb. Laughter and Tears.
  10   ‘’ Mysticism.
  17   ‘’ Prayer.
    3 March. Disease and Cure.
  10   ‘’ Positive and Negative Man.
  28 April. Error and Insanity.
    5 May. Conscience.
  12   ‘’ The Mission of Art. (Homer, Aeschylos, Dante, Shakespeare, Goethe.)


OCTOBER, 1910, TO APRIL, 1911.

1910, 20 Oct. The Nature of Spiritual Science and its Present Significance.
  27   ‘’ Life and Death.
  10 Nov. The Souls of Men and Animals.
  17   ‘’ The Spirits of Men and Animals.
  24   ‘’ Sleep.
    8 Dec. The Spirit in the Plant World.
  15   ‘’ How do we gain Knowledge of the Spirit World?
1911, 12 Jan. The Aptitude, Talents and Education of Man.
  19   ‘’ Zarathustra.
  26   ‘’ Galileo, Giordano Bruno and Goethe.
    9 Feb. The Verdict of Geology regarding the Origin of the Universe.
  16   ‘’ Hermes.
    2 March. Buddha.
    9   ‘’ Moses.
  16   ‘’ The Verdict of Astronomy regarding the Origin of the Universe.
    6 April. The Earth, Sun, and Moon. (Cancelled.)


OCTOBER, 1911, TO MARCH, 1912.

1911, 19 Oct. Man's Relation to the Superperceptual Worlds.
  26   ‘’ Death and Eternal Life in the light of Spiritual Science.
    9 Nov. The Prophets.
  16   ‘’ Paracelsus and Goethe.
  23   ‘’ The Secret Depths of the Soul.
    7 Dec. Happiness, Its Reality and Illusion.
  14   ‘’ The Prophet Elijah in the light of Spiritual Science.
1912,   4 Jan. The Origin of Man in the light of Spiritual Science.
  18   ‘’ The Origin of the Animal World in the light of Spiritual Science.
  25   ‘’ Christ and the twentieth century.
    1 Feb The History of Man, Present and Future, in the light of Spiritual Science.
  15   ‘’ Copernicus and His Period in the light of Spiritual Science.
  29   ‘’ The Death of Man, Animals and Plants.
  14 March. The Self-education of Man in the light of Spiritual Science.
  21   ‘’ The Meaning of Eternity and the Nature of Man's Soul in the light of Spiritual Science.
  28   ‘’ Darwin and Superperceptual Research.


OCTOBER, 1912, TO APRIL, 1913.

1912, 31 Oct. Spiritual Investigation and Fallacy. (Theosophical.)
    7 Nov. Spiritual Investigation and Truth. (Theosophical.)
  14   ‘’ Present and Future Problems in Spiritual Research.
  21   ‘’ The Path to Superperceptual Knowledge.
    5 Dec. The Verdict of Spiritual Science on the Question of Life and the Riddle of Death.
  12   ‘’ Natural Science and Spiritual Research.
1913,   9 Jan. Jacob Boehme.
  16   ‘’ The World as viewed by a student of Eugenics (Herman Grimm), and Spiritual Investigation.
  30   ‘’ The Mission of Raphael in the light of Spiritual Science.
    6 Feb. Fairy-tales in the light of Spiritual Research.
  13   ‘’ Leonardo da Vinci, at the turning-point of modern times.
    6 March. Errors in Spiritual Research.
    3 April. Ethics in the light of Spiritual Research.
  10   ‘’ The Heritage of the nineteenth century.


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