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Calendar of the Soul

Northern Hemisphere
Week 34

In secret inwardly to feel
How all that I've preserved of old
Is quickened by new-risen sense of self:
This shall, awakening, pour forth cosmic forces
Into the outer actions of my life
And growing, mould me into true existence.

Southern Hemisphere
Week 8

The senses' might grows strong
United with the gods' creative work;
It presses down my power of thinking
Into a dreamlike dullness.
When godly being
Desires union with my soul,
Must human thinking
In quiet dream-life rest content.

—Translation by Ruth and Hans Pusch

See GA 40 for full calendar and German text.

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Lectures Given in 1906

Date Title
01/02 Temple Legend: Lecture 20: The Royal Art in a New Form
02/01 Riddles of the World: Lecture XI: The Christian Teachings of Wisdom
02/15 Riddles of the World: Lecture XII: Reincarnation and Karma
02/19 First Lecture: The Gospel of St. John
02/22 Riddles of the World: Lecture XIII: Lucifer
02/26 Second Lecture: The Gospel of St. John
03/01 Riddles of the World: Lecture XIV: The Children of Lucifer
03/03 Esoteric Lesson: Hamburg, 3-3-1906
03/05 Third Lecture: The Gospel of St. John
03/08 Riddles of the World: Lecture XV: Germanic and Indian Secret Doctrines
03/15 Riddles of the World: Lecture XVI: German Theosophists at the Beginning of the Nineteenth Century
03/18 Esoteric Lessons Part III: Berlin, 3-18-'06
03/22 Riddles of the World: Lecture XVII: Siegfried and the Twilight of the Gods
03/29 Riddles of the World: Lecture XVIII: Parzival and Lohengrin
04/12 Lecture: Easter
04/12 Riddles of the World: Lecture XIX: The Easter Festival
04/18 Esoteric Lesson: Berlin, 4-18-1906
04/19 Riddles of the World: Lecture XX: Inner Development
04/26 Riddles of the World: Lecture XXI: Paracelsus
05/03 Riddles of the World: Lecture XXII: Jacob Boehme
05/06 Esoteric Lesson: Berlin, 5-6-1906
05/25 Esoteric Cosmology: Lecture I: The Birth of the Intellect and the Mission of Christianity
05/26 Esoteric Cosmology: Lecture II: The Mission of Manicheism
05/27 Esoteric Cosmology: Lecture III: God, Man, Nature
05/28 Esoteric Cosmology: Lecture IV: Involution and Evolution
05/29 Esoteric Cosmology: Lecture V: Yoga In East and West
05/30 Esoteric Cosmology: Lecture VI: Yoga In East and West (conclusion)
05/31 Esoteric Cosmology: Lecture VII: The Gospel of St. John
06/01 Esoteric Cosmology: Lecture VIII: The Christian Mystery
06/02 Esoteric Cosmology: Lecture IX: The Astral World
06/06 Esoteric Cosmology: Lecture X: The Astral World (continued)
06/07 Esoteric Cosmology: Lecture XI: The Devachanic World (Heaven)
06/08 Esoteric Cosmology: Lecture XII: The Devachanic World (continued)
06/09 Esoteric Cosmology: Lecture XIII: The Logos and the Word
06/10 Esoteric Cosmology: Lecture XIV: The Logos and Man
06/11 Esoteric Cosmology: Lecture XV: The Evolution of Planets and Earth
06/12 Esoteric Cosmology: Lecture XVI: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Human Will
06/13 Esoteric Cosmology: Lecture XVII: Redemption and Liberation
06/14 Esoteric Cosmology: Lecture XVIII: The Apocalypse
06/14 Lecture: Reading the Pictures of the Apocalypse: Appendix: Cosmogony
06/28 Popular Occultism: Lecture 1: Popular Occultism, Introtroduction
06/29 Popular Occultism: Lecture 2: Man's Ascent into the Supersensible World
06/30 Popular Occultism: Lecture 3: The Different Conditions of Man's Life After Death
07/01 Popular Occultism: Lecture 4: The Devachanic World
07/03 Popular Occultism: Lecture 5: Life Between Death and a New Birth
07/04 Popular Occultism: Lecture 6: Man's Return to a New Earthly Life
07/05 Popular Occultism: Lecture 7: Effects of the Law of Karma
07/06 Popular Occultism: Lecture 8: The Evolution of Man and of the Solar System; the Atlantic Evolution
07/07 Popular Occultism: Lecture 9: Lemurian Development
07/08 Popular Occultism: Lecture 10: Paths of Occult Training
07/10 Address: The Spiritual-Scientific Basis of Goethe's Work
07/29 Lecture: Parsifal
08/22 At the Gates: Lecture I: The Being of Man
08/23 At the Gates: Lecture II: The Three Worlds
08/24 At the Gates: Lecture III: Life of the Soul in Kamaloka
08/25 At the Gates: Lecture IV: Devachan
08/26 At the Gates: Lecture V: Human Tasks in the Higher Worlds
08/27 At the Gates: Lecture VI: The Upbringing of Children. Karma.
08/28 At the Gates: Lecture VII: Workings of the Law of Karma in Human Life
08/29 At the Gates: Lecture VIII: Good and Evil. Individual Karmic Questions.
08/30 At the Gates: Lecture IX: Evolution of the Earth
08/31 At the Gates: Lecture X: Progress of Mankind Up To Atlantean Times
09/01 At the Gates: Lecture XI: The Post-Atlantean Culture-Epochs
09/02 At the Gates: Lecture XII: Occult Develpment
09/03 At the Gates: Lecture XIII: Oriental and Christian Training
09/04 At the Gates: Lecture XIV: Rosicrucian Training - The Interior of the Earth - Earthquakes and Volcanoes
10/11 Supersensible Knowledge: Lecture I: The Significance of Supersensible Knowledge Today
10/15 Karma and Details of the Law of Karma
10/20 Esoteric Development: Lecture VIII: The Path of Knowledge and Its Stages
10/21 Esoteric Development: Lecture IX: Imaginative Knowledge and Artistic Imagination
10/25 Occult Significance of Blood
10/25 Supersensible Knowledge: Lecture II: Blood is a Very Special Fluid
11/01 Esoteric Lesson: Muenchen, 11-1-1906
11/06 Esoteric Lesson: Muenchen, 11-6-1906
11/08 Lecture: The Origin of Suffering
11/08 Supersensible Knowledge: Lecture III: The Origin of Suffering
11/12 Lecture: Inner Nature of Music: Lecture II
11/17 Lecture: Woman and Society (Die Frauenfrage)
11/17 Riddles of the World: Lecture V: The Question of Women's Rights
11/22 Lecture: The Origin of Evil
11/22 Supersensible Knowledge: Lecture IV: The Origin of Evil
11/26 Lecture: Inner Nature of Music: Lecture III
11/27 Esoteric Christianity: The Gospel of St. John and Ancient Mysteries
12/01 Esoteric Lesson: Koeln, 12-1-1906
12/01 Supersensible Knowledge: Lecture VI: Education in the Light of Spiritual Science
12/02 The Mystery of Golgotha
12/03 The Occult Basis of Music
12/03 Lecture: Inner Nature of Music: Lecture I
12/13 Lecture: What Do We Understand by Illness and Death
12/13 Supersensible Knowledge: Lecture V: Illness and Death
12/17 Lecture: Signs and Symbols of the Christmas Festival
12/17 Signs and Symbols: Lecture 3: Signs and Symbols of the Christmas Festival
12/18 Esoteric Lesson: Berlin, 12-18-1906

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