By E. and L. Kolisko

Three branches of Science: Astronomy, Chemistry and Human Physiology are used in this study of Silver and the Human Organism. Both authors had a comprehensive knowledge of modern science, and practical experience of working with Dr. Rudolf Steiner. They were continually seeking to find inter-relationships between Cosmos, Earth and Man, which would provide practical benefits for the whole of mankind. This booklet gives just a glimpse into this section of their work.

G.A.M. Knapp
Stroud, July 1978

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In this article we will try to bring into contact three spheres which we are not accustomed to relate to one another. These are: the world of matter, particularly of the metals, the world of the stars and planets and the human organism. There does not appear to be any relation between these three spheres for our common considerations, nor for any scientific observations, and yet we find that there are relationships between the cosmos and the earth, between earthly matter and the human organism. It is only our one-sided observations and explanations which hinder us from finding out how these apparently different spheres are related and interwoven with one another. Many things can be explained when we study these connections, which before, seemed utterly inexplicable.

In the book dealing with the metal silver and the moon, we explained in detail the effect of the various phases of the moon on silver salt solutions. [1] Each change in the moon is recorded in solutions containing silver.

In the books dealing with the influence of the moon on plant growth, we could demonstrate with ample material, how the process of germination and growth in various plants reacts to the different phases of the moon. [2] We even extended our experiments 16 metres below the surface of the soil to study this interesting phenomenon, which is of great importance to agriculture. It has been stated beyond any doubt that there is a definite relationship between the moon or the moon forces, and the metal silver, and we may also say that the moon forces are interwoven with many phenomena in the realm of fluidity, wherever we meet a process of life, or growth. It is no longer a theory, we can prove with innumerable experiments, that the metal silver especially, is connected with the moon; that means we can prove that a connection exists between a specific earthly substance and a heavenly body.

A study of the qualities of silver reveals some interesting facts. If silver is melted for instance and then slowly solidifies again, a specific phenomenon may be observed which does not occur when other metals are melted. The silver attracts oxygen out of the atmosphere and contains this oxygen as long as it is a molten liquid. When it solidifies, it expels the oxygen and in doing so, the whole surface of the molten silver begins to move, to splutter and the solidified metal looks very similar to a crater landscape — like erupted volcanoes. A photograph of such a solidified piece of silver compared with a photograph of the surface of the moon taken with the help of a telescope, reveals great similarities.

One of the most remarkable qualities of silver is its affinity to light. Silver compounds, silver salts, are extremely sensitive to light and can therefore be used for photographic purposes. The slides are covered with a thin film of silver salt and exposed to the light. A chemical reaction takes place, the silver returns to its metallic state. This only becomes apparent after the developing process. The exposed slide contains the effects of light on the silver salt. We develop these light influences in the dark room with special developing and fixing solutions. The silver returns easily to its metallic state, it is easily “reduced,” speaking in terms of chemistry.

With silver we can make the most perfect mirrors. It is a metal which reflects light in a most perfect way; a looking glass, reflecting everything that stands before it.

On the other hand, if we think of the experiments with filter paper [3] we see that silver is a metal which has in itself a hidden power of formative force which we do not find in any of the other metals in the same strength.Each day produces another picture, full moon and new moon have specific characteristic expressions and if the experiments are extended over many years, we find that even the years are different in their effect on the silver solution.

The silver helps to reveal the formative forces of other metal salts which are not so easily found by using them alone. The strong reproductive and formative power of silver helps all the other metals to reveal their specific forms. If we bring together the immense amount of material we gathered through many years of incessant study day and night, all the constellations of Sun and moon, Mars and moon, Saturn and moon, Jupiter and moon, Venus and moon, Mercury and moon and all the other qualities of this metal which we mentioned above, then perhaps we might be allowed to say: the silver acts in such a way that it represents what lives in the light, it produces pictures of what acts in the light. And if we find that this is connected especially with the moon, it may be justified to say: the silver behaves like the moon in the cosmos. The moon itself has the strange quality that it continually reflects the light which comes from the sun and all the other planets. The moon is the great photographer of the universe, it continually brings us back pictures. It is indeed a very strange phenomenon that the silver salt solution has the power to produce “pictures.” If we try to understand what happens, we can only come to the conclusion that a phenomenon similar to photography is revealed here. In the ordinary photographic process, the glass plate or film is coated with silver emulsion, then the object we wish to photograph is placed between the photographic slide and the light. The picture is taken in by the silver substance and later we develop it in the dark room. In our experiments with Capillary Dynamolysis we have again the silver salt solution, exposed to the sun so that the silver is reduced (falls back to the metallic state); we notice this by the brown colouring. During the daytime a straight horizontal line is traced, during the night the rising process starts again and oversteps the limit drawn during the day according to temperature, light and humidity. In the morning we find a second border line, more or less faint, and perhaps some structural lines going from the daytime rising limit to the second border line. Then we put the picture in a darkroom for some days and a slow developing process sets in. According to the time of year it may take days or only hours until the picture is “developed.” A continual metamorphosis of forms reveals itself. A careful study convinced us that although scarcely any repetition occurs, there is a definite rhythmical process taking place. Each month has certain characteristics, silver nitrate in May is different from silver nitrate in November. This means that the moon is not the same in May as it is in November. Who would deny this fact? And why is this so? Because the moon reflects the light of the sun which in its turn stands in a different zodiacal constellation for each of these two months. The silver salt solution we have exposed to the sun during the day and to the moon forces during the night (there need not be a direct influence of the moonlight) takes a cosmic photograph. Something is taken in by the exposed filter paper in which the silver salt rises and this something is developed after some days. We cannot use developing solution or fixing salts in our experiments, so our process of developing goes on and on, and after a certain time the pictures are too dark — nearly black, and the subtle nuances and colours are destroyed. However. we have kept experiments from 1928 until today, that is 14 years and the forms are still recognisable. It is a kind of archetypal photograph made by the silver alone. No physical object is exposed to the photographic apparatus, but influences which pass through the universe, which we are unable to observe with our eyes, Show themselves through such a substance as silver. So we find the silver, as a metal, representing the formative force of the various seasons, the various moon phases.

We could enumerate many of the chemical qualities of silver and if we compare them with the phenomena we obtain with the help of this new science, developed in the Biological Institute at the Goetheanum, Stuttgart, which is able to reveal to us more than the common science of chemistry, and then bring together all these phenomena, we reach a certain insight into the coherence of silver and the moon.

We would like to mention one more observation we came across in studying the experiments with filter paper and silver salt solutions. It is not easy to take a good photograph of these experiments. We tried all the different makes of photographic plates, but the results were not quite satisfactory. The copies proved to be too hard and many softer shades were completely lost. Finally we decided to try the “wet” method of photography. This means that we use a silver emulsion and coat our own photographic plates immediately before exposing the pictures. This is a very delicate process. The slightly moist glass plate is fitted into the photographic apparatus, the picture is taken and so to say, inhaled by the moist silver film which has been spread carefully over the perfectly clear, dustless, polished glass. It takes rather a long time to get acquainted with this method of photography and my assistant, Mr. W. Kaiser, took a great deal of trouble to reach a certain degree of perfection. All the photographs published in the book “Silver and the Moon” [4] have been photographed by this method. After a few months Mr. Kaiser began to complain that the silver emulsion worked in a very irregular way. He could not be quite sure about the exposure time, he had always to change it. For some days or even for as long as a fortnight it worked quite well then the developing time had to be readjusted or the strength of the developing solution altered (this always happened with a new bottle of the emulsion). We complained to the chemists who provided us with the silver emulsion and were always told the same story that the emulsion was in perfect condition. At last we discovered that the silver emulsion changed according to the moon phases.

We think it justified to say, from the immense amount of material we have collected, that the connection between the moon and silver is scientifically proved beyond any doubt. These facts, however, are still not officially acknowledged by our present day science because there is a deep rooted antipathy in our present scientific world conception to take into consideration anything like a connection between heavenly bodies and earthly substances. This can be well understood if we bear in mind that our natural science, which has been in existence since about the 16th century, is based on the principle of denying the old traditions dealing with the coherence of cosmos and earth, which were thought to be unscientific and mingled with much superstition. Our present day natural science is born from the necessity to direct man's gaze with the utmost precision upon the earth alone and to look upon the whole cosmos in the same way, basing all observations on the natural laws inscribed in the earth. On the other hand we may say that with this special trend in natural science we have reached a certain limit. We cannot go on! More and more phenomena are discovered which point decisively to a connection between the moon and various forces of nature. We have discovered that the moon is strongly connected with everything liquid on earth, with the plant organism as far as the plant is penetrated with juice, with the animal organisation in as far as the circulation of the liquids is concerned and also in connection with the fluids in the human organism. The best known connection between earth and moon is in the phenomenon of the tides; but this is explained in much too materialistic a way. Usually it is thought that the moon causes the change in the water level on earth by means of its attraction, by its force of gravity. We imagine the force of gravity of the moon as being just the same as the force of gravity of the earth and we think of the action of the moon as coming from outside. It would be much better not to say: here is the moon and there is the sea and there is a force acting from the moon upon the water, but to imagine that all the forces which belong to the moon are also to be found wherever there are liquids on earth. We must say something which may sound paradoxical, but nevertheless it is true: liquids are not earthly. We must discriminate between solids and liquids. Everything that is solid is subject to earthly laws. Liquids are in reality subject to other laws. Water on earth is subject to laws which are somehow different from the common earthly laws. The tides follow the rhythm of the moon, but not because the moon draws the water from outside as if on a string, but in the water there is hidden the same rhythm which is in the moon. It would be a much sounder conception if we were to say: the moon is not only there where we see it in the sky; its radius of action is much bigger than the moon as a heavenly body. This applies also to all the other heavenly bodies. There is more than we see with our eyes as the specific planet, there exists the planetary sphere. For instance, as the moon describes its course, it circumscribes a sphere. Lunar influence extends throughout this “Moonsphere,” which reaches far beyond the moon as a heavenly body.

With our present scientific world conception, we are accustomed to reason in the following way: — There is a heavenly body; it emanates something; the light comes to us, but that is from far, far away. The light wanders through the universe for thousands of light years, and at last reaches our planet earth, but who knows whether there is still a star behind that light? We keep aloof from the stars. It is very hard to comprehend that anything so very far distant can have any material effects here on earth. If we observe other influences, we want to know what they are. Someone with the outlook of a modern natural scientist will ask, when referring to the experiments carried out in the Biological Institute of the Goetheanum, Stuttgart, “What are these influences you have observed? Are they due to electricity or magnetism, or what else is it that comes from the moon and brings about those phenomena in plants or in the silver-salt solution rising in the filter paper?” People always want to find something of a material nature behind the phenomena, before they are satisfied that they are real. We are inclined to recognise effects only if we can find the material cause. Scientists say: “Hitherto, we have not found what is acting from the moon. If we cannot reach a solution by means of chemistry or radiology we will not consider it at all; we will have nothing to do with it!”

Experiments such as those carried out in the Biological Institute would never be undertaken by “official” scientists. It is not popular to start experimenting with unknown entities and to try to find out the truth by going on with experiments for many years, day and night. We want to know before-hand what we are doing and what the result will be. Take for instance the problem of an infectious disease. If there is an epidemic somewhere, an expert bacteriologist will start to investigate the bacterium which causes the epidemic. We think: if we know the bacterium, the culprit that causes the disease, then we will also find means to kill it, we will find a suitable therapy. Well, we may study the bacterium for many years and perhaps may not even find it at all. Then we say the bacterium is beyond the reach of the microscope, we cannot enlarge it sufficiently, it is ultra-microscopic, but it must be there and it must be responsible for the disease. But may it not be possible to find the right therapy and cure the disease whether or not a specific bacterium is discovered?

The truth is, it is not so much the question of a proof that something emanates from the moon, on the contrary, we have to discover that the sphere of action or influence of the moon is everywhere on earth where there is liquid. The moon rhythm is inscribed in the liquid itself. The tides are not there because the moon attracts the water. At one time the moon was united with the earth and then, everything was in a liquid state. When the moon separated from the earth, solidification set in. What remained in a liquid state, has kept the moon rhythm until today. The moon itself became solid, but moves according to the same rhythms as the liquids upon earth. We should learn to recognise that the fluid organism upon earth bears within itself moon character, and not that it is attracted by the moon according to Newton's theory of gravity. If we think that the same force which makes the apple fall from the tree holds together the whole universe, then nothing is left of a spiritual force. Napoleon once asked the great astronomer Laplace, “Having studied so carefully the whole universe, did you also find God?” Laplace had to answer, “Sire, I have studied the whole universe but I never found God.” It is only a question of how we study the universe. If we look only for the mechanical laws, we can never find forces which reach beyond the sphere of mechanics. We have to move on to the sphere of the moon influence. This sphere is not somewhere in the clouds, it is wherever there are liquids. If we study physics, mechanics, hydro-mechanics, we notice that in hydro-mechanics everything is different, all the laws are more or less exceptions to the laws of mechanics: water is different in its mechanics. In the formulae we have to add certain corrections if we change from mechanics to hydro-mechanics. Why does water behave so strangely? Because there are other laws acting in it than earthly laws. In reality we have to alter all our thoughts about physics and chemistry. Science today is based on the view that only earthly laws exist. Most clever explanations are produced to explain any discrepancies. It is just the same problem if we try to measure a circle. How can we do this? If we take the diameter, we cannot measure the circumference of the circle. We cannot measure a curved line with a straight one. We must find a measure that is adequate for the circle. All the irrational things arise out of the fact that we try to use a measure which is not adequate for the object we wish to measure. That leads at last to the great world riddles. What we try to reckon as moon rhythm and the tides, never fits in perfectly because there is an inner rhythm. There is the real water, there is the water which the chemist calls H2O and there is still another water connected with the life processes. What we find in the blood, in the protoplasm of all living organisms, follows different laws from the water which is more inorganic, dead. The water which is bound to life processes is subject to certain laws. Here great difficulties arise for the physicist. Why does the juice rise in the plants? In the whole sphere of growth, wherever something grows, the juice rises. In earlier times people tried to explain this phenomenon by the so-called “life force.” That is nonsense because that which acts in “life” cannot be compared with “force.” A living organism responds to laws which are opposite to the laws of things which belong to the earth. What belongs to the earth falls in the direction of the earth; what is connected with life acts to the contrary so that it separates from the earth, it does not condense itself towards the centre of the earth like all earthly matter. Everything connected with life which is bound to the liquid state, goes towards the periphery. The rising of the juices in the plants is a law connected with the moon. The link between the moon and plant growth is nothing else than the fact that in the liquids the “moon” is present. We must enlarge our conception of the moon. The sphere of the moon's influence is very much larger than the moon itself.

Now we may proceed to look for the sphere of the moon influence even in the human organism. Here it is very important to recognise the fact that in the human organism there is a force which always reproduces it anew. It is not only in propagation that the human organism is reproduced. There are many processes in the human organism which are reproductive and constructive; they are continually renewing the organism in every human being. These processes are active chiefly in the blood; they penetrate the whole system. It should not be thought that the reproductive processes are confined to certain parts of the human body, where the reproductive organs appear physically, but the processes belonging to their specific organs penetrate the whole organism. This phenomenon in the human being is the same as that which is found in the heavenly bodies. The moon stands in a certain place in the universe, but the influence of the moonsphere extends from heaven to earth. The whole theory of the hormones, the conception of inner secretion, if we take it quite seriously, would lead us to the point where we must say: an organ is not only there where we find it physically, but in the whole organism. When the thyroid gland excretes, its sphere of influence is distributed over the whole organism. We have to discriminate between the organ itself and its sphere of influence.

We can, for instance, extirpate the spleen, then many spleens are born out of the sphere of influence belonging to this organ in the reticuloendothelial system. The sphere is even more powerful than the organ itself. Other organs are exhausted through their physical action, they cannot reproduce themselves, if we have to extirpate them, as is the case with the spleen.

We have to realise that in the human organism there is a kind of sphere of influence of all the constructive, reproductive forces, which are continually forming and reproducing the human body. In the process of propagation we bring it to outward appearance, but the same process is continually working in the human organism. There is one organ which does not accept the force of reproduction, of propagation; this is the organ with which we are spiritually productive, the brain. This organ repeats within itself the whole organism. There is not a single part in the human body which is not represented in the brain. The brain reflects the whole body. We can see quite distinctly that the whole human organism is repeated there. Everything that we find on the right side of the body, is localised in the brain on the left side and vice versa. The legs are above, the trunk below. If you imagine that a concave mirror is fixed above your head, you would get such a reflection as we get in our brain. The brain is a kind of concave mirror. To this fact we owe our consciousness which is a phenomenon of reflection. We make something conscious with the help of our brain, a strange organ which reflects all our inner activities which are outside the brain. The brain itself is quite inactive physically; it is a complete hollow or cavity as far as physical activity is concerned, because in it only decaying substance is deposited, which has no constructive power. It reflects the spiritual force of reproduction. Speaking of memory we say it reproduces that which is there. In the brain we have spiritual activity but this is again a reflection of something which constructs the whole organism. This is similar to the Moon activity in the universe. The moon itself is burnt out cinder, with a volcanic surface. The moon reflects light, the physicists say polarised light. The moonlight has specific qualities, it is not the same as the sunlight, it is changed, it is a cold light and somehow lifeless. What does it stimulate in the human being? It stimulates fancies. It makes people, who are not quite healthy, walk in their sleep. Sleepwalkers are not conscious, they have cut out their brain consciousness. In this condition they do strange things, they walk in a very skilful way, much more skilfully than they ever could do when conscious. The moon urges the sleep-walker on, it acts on him; he is not fully conscious, he is not free because the moon makes him move. The sphere of the moon trespasses, cuts out that part which usually reflects. Normal consciousness allows one only to have pictures. What is in the human being are productive forces which renew matter, which act in the warmth of the blood — all this may be compared with the moonsphere.

The brain is also a kind of burnt out cinder, like the moon substance, it is a dead organ, but in as much as it is dying, it frees the spiritual life.

How can we make visible the substance of nerves for instance, if we want to study microscopic preparations of nerves or the brain? The best method is to dye the substance with silver, which enters into the nerve substance and makes it black so that we get a negative picture of the nerves. We owe it to silver that our anatomists know what the brain looks like. The silver enters the substance of the brain, which is penetrated by fat-like substances, lipoids, it enters the organ to which it belongs. It is the silver which dyes the “moon organ”, that is, the brain. The brain, which is spiritually the most reproductive organ corresponds to the moon outside. Everywhere else in the human organism where there is no consciousness, where unconsciously (but linked up with the liquids, with the warmth of the blood) all the organs are continually rebuilt, where the human being is revivified from within, all that constitutes the inner life of man, through which he has the capacity of constantly rebuilding his organism (also the possibility of propagation) all this, we might say, belongs to the moonsphere. In looking at the human being, we have to discriminate between the force that serves for propagation that a new human being may be born, that is the force which serves to preserve the human race and the other force which serves the purpose of the individual so that a spiritual being can be “incarnated.” With animals it is different, here we have only the force that serves for the preservation of the species. In the productive processes of the human being, that force acts which makes it possible that the human organisation can become the bearer of the Spirit. In all this, a force is acting in the human being which we could call the sphere of action, the productive sphere of action, which is connected with the moon sphere (not the moon as a heavenly body) and with the metal silver.

We do not find metallic silver in the human organism. It is a poison. Wherever it enters the human body it produces strange phenomena. Silver poisoning is a terrible illness, it produces something which no other metal ever can produce. The silver wanders through the whole organism and is then deposited just underneath the skin, especially beneath the skin of the face. So the human being is similar to a silver mirror, he has a grey silver film spread out under his skin. The silver wanders towards the light and becomes blackened. This silver poisoning or “aegyrosy” does not prove fatal, but the human being keeps this strange colouring of the skin for the rest of his life. Whenever silver enters the human organism, it follows certain currents, through the blood towards the periphery. When we study the metal lead and its relation to the human organism we find just the opposite — the lead goes from the periphery to the centre, whereas silver goes from inside towards the periphery. The living brain does not take in the silver, the living human organism deposits it under the skin and we know how much the skin is connected with the whole life process. We judge from the complexion, from the skin, from the “incarnation” the condition of all the reproductive processes of the human being. The skin is a kind of mirror which reflects the conditions within. The skin is transparent and the blood can act through the skin. Here we look at a sphere of action which constructs the human organism from within towards the periphery, with the exception of the brain. Where the brain is, we find the spiritual processes.

It is just the same with the moon. On the one hand we have the moon, but much more important are the forces we find in the moon sphere which is spread out wherever we find liquids. Again it is an interesting fact: the brain is the only organ in the human being which floats in liquid. Because the brain is lifted and loses weight, we are able to produce the power of thinking out of matter. We could not think if the brain were not lifted through floating in water. Comparing it with the animal brain, we might say that the brain of an animal is like a boat stranded an the shore. The whole human organism can become conscious because the brain is built like an arch over the whole body. [5] It floats in liquid and liquids have different laws from solids. In the human organism we have liquids, for instance the blood and in one place the blood becomes quite clear like water and there the brain is lifted up, loses the greatest part of its physical weight according to the principle of Archimedes, floats and is able to produce thoughts. It is connected with all the other parts of the body which are produced out of the blood and therefore man is conscious. He can lift his whole body and there on top floats the organ which controls the whole. The construction of the human body in the lower regions is closely connected with the brain above. The man-forming force which acts productively in the lower regions is linked up with the brain, which rises above the whole organism and emanates consciousness.

What represents moon activity in the human being works in such a way that man rules over the impulses of reproduction, whereas the animals are overruled by the moon. Man severs this part and becomes the ruler of it; only when he falls ill and unconsciousness begins to overpower him, we see the moon forces reappear again. Conscious and unconscious moon activity must be kept in balance. If we cannot keep the right balance between these two influences, we are ill and are overpowered by the moon.

Here we find the possibility of recognising how to use silver as a remedy, once we have found out that silver is related to the moon. On the one side there is the productive process, building up the whole human form out of the blood and on the other we have the brain moon force plus moon body. In the cosmos we have the moon as a heavenly body and the moon sphere. Then we have the metal silver and we find out that we must add to each substance its specific sphere of action. We find this sphere when we dissolve the solid matter and bring it into the liquid state, then we enter its sphere of action. Repeating this process rhythmically, potentising, we enlarge this sphere of action. If we take some substance in its solid state, it is quite earthly, but if we dissolve the substance we bring it into the moon sphere. If we continue to dissolve it in a rhythmical way, then it is as if we would draw bigger and bigger circles from the moon or away from the earth in diluting the silver substance more and more. We have to conquer the materialistic prejudice, that the spiritual, the non-material, that which we understand by the expression “force,” is not somewhere in the clouds. It is also on earth but not in the solid, it is hidden in a realm which we do not fully understand, in the liquids. We do not wish to speak here about the gaseous state and how far this differs from the earthly, solid one. Here we find laws which are dependent on the cosmos. The gases do what they like, not what we want them to do according to our scientific conceptions.

And a third thing we have to take into account: the substance and its sphere of action which we get by diluting the substance. We have three things to take into account or rather six:


1. The Moon
2. Its sphere of action: the Moonsphere.


3. Silver
4. Its sphere of action: solution of silver-salt, diluted rhythmically.


5. The human brain
6. Its sphere of action: built up from the circulatory system.

These three: Cosmos, Earth and Man form together a unity. It is our fault that we do not immediately see these connections with our intellect. We have three different sciences instead of one, we do not even try to find the connections, the inter-relationship so that eventually we might obtain from the threefoldness a unity of: Astronomy, Chemistry and Physiology of man. Our modern natural science is just built on this principle of specialisation. Science only wants to acknowledge as physiology what is enclosed in the human skin. Astronomy is only that which we see in looking at the starry heavens. Chemistry is only what we can observe in our test tubes. Physiology, astronomy and chemistry have no common ground, therefore we have the chemist handing over to the doctor remedies which have no sense whatsoever. There is no real understanding between them. The doctor always studies the exceptions to the rules which the chemist finds in his own sphere, because we have not yet built up a physiological chemistry. We do not discriminate between the anatomical organs and their respective spheres of action, which are again related to astronomy and chemistry, because we have not yet developed that science which would be able to bring together for instance: silver, moon and brain.

Now let us take moon activity, silver activity and the whole human productive activity which builds up the human organism and creates new life. On the understanding of these inter-relationships is based the true therapeutical handling of these things in medicine. Of course it is possible to object that silver is much used nowadays as a remedy. It is used in special diseases connected with reproduction or as a disinfectant. But it is very strange that small quantities of silver act more effectively than large quantities. When small quantities which are beyond the reach of chemical tests are used, the chemist cannot find silver but the bacteria feel the silver influence, they are killed by silver in high dilution. These micro-organisms have an immense power of reproduction, they grow and multiply and wherever the human being cannot penetrate with his own formative forces, the bacteria cut in. Silver, in a high dilution, which we cannot trace with chemical tests, is able to stop these bacterial growths.

On the other hand, we may, with not so highly diluted silver, cure sleep-walking. In this case the moon takes hold of the silver and frees the sleep-walker. Healthy people do not succumb to the moon influence. The human being is built in such a way that the planet and its influence and the opposite planets hold each other in balance. In the animal kingdom it is different, there we will always find that the one or the other is acting in excess. [6] In the human being they hold each other in balance. The freedom of the human being, the fact that he is dependent on his own individuality alone, when healthy, is due to the fact that in his organism the forces of nature are abolished. Opposite forces are abolished, or rather are held in balance with each other. Freedom is not a miracle in the creation which cancels nature forces, but freedom is only there when nature forces are mutually balanced in the human being, just like the weights on a pair of scales. In the middle, the hypomochlion or fulcrum, there is freedom, there the effects of the planetary system and the spheres of action are mutually balanced. If this balance is somehow disturbed, for example if the moon influence is too strong because the reproductive force of the human being is too weak and the moon is constantly making up the difference, then we can take silver as a remedy and the balance is restored. Thus we can understand the reason why silver acts as a remedy. There exists a specific process in the human organism which we might call the “silver process” although there is no metallic silver to be found in the body. But there is a process which corresponds to the silver process; through silver or through the moon certain processes can be stimulated in the human being. In the cosmos, what we, with our limited intelligence think consists of manifoldness, is united. If we look at the surface of the moon, or silver, or the brain, it is just the same. The one is in the cosmos, the second is on earth and the third in the human being. Man in his inner being has completely emancipated himself from earthly laws because he is a cosmos himself, a microcosmos. We must only learn to bring these three things together, that is we must unite astronomy, physiology and chemistry. Of course it is possible to study them as specific branches of science, it is not necessary to efface the borderlines, but having drawn the border lines, we must also create communications.

We must learn to think differently. The best experiments, even if they prove beyond doubt all these assertions, do not help us. They are not acknowledged because in our present scientific world conception, the thoughts do not yet exist which make it possible to accept these statements. We must form new thoughts, we must try continually to bring together different spheres, different branches of science. We will only be able to understand how substances act in the human organism, if we can think of them together with the influence of the planets, the cosmos and the human organism. We must try to find the way to a living conception of the connections between Cosmos, Earth and Man.



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