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GA 316. Course for Young Doctors — Easter Course III
The whole planetary system is connected with substances that are remedial: Saturn = Lead Jupiter = Tin Mars = Iron Sun = Gold Venus = Copper Mercury = Quicksilver Moon = Silver. These correspondences are treated with unbelievable superficiality nowadays, whereas in reality they are based upon most minute investigations which were carried on in the Ancient Mysteries.
GA 190. The Social Question as a Problem of Soul Life — Inner Experience of Language II
The common speech, which brings a common imagination, is something that will provide a social deepening. Language as a means of mutual copper hedging could also do that at need — but it is then externalized; as a mere means of communication it depends very much upon convention. Hence the externalizing of the soul's life nowadays, so that language is used really just to gossip with others so that no one knows what the other is thinking.
GA 178. The Wrong and Right Use of Esoteric Knowledge — Lecture III
From this side also will be spread the idea that man cannot be made good by learning all sorts of ethical principles, but by ingesting copper, for example, under a certain constellation, and arsenic under another. You can well imagine how ideas of this kind can be used by egotistic groups for enhancing their own power. They need only withhold this knowledge from others, and this will be the best means of dominating large numbers of men.
GA 110. The Spiritual Hierarchies — Lecture II
Let us now look around at our world: we see solid rocks, flowing streams of water, we see the water changing into rising mist: we see the air, we see all the solid, liquid, gaseous things and we see fire, so that at the foundation of all things we have nothing but fire. All is fire — solidified fire: gold, silver, copper, are solidified fire. All things were once upon a time fire; everything has been born out of fire. But in all that solidified realm, some bewitched spirits are dwelling. How are those spiritual, divine beings who surround us able to produce solid matter as it is on our planet — to produce liquids, and air substances?
GA 100. Theosophy and Rosicrucianism — Progressive Development Through the Different Cycles of Culture
In view of the existing conditions, the Atlantean who traveled more to the West, became inwardly neutral natures, cold and indifferent, and developed later on into the copper coloured population of America. The others who traveled further South, became the black Negro population, and those who turned to the East became later on the yellow Malayan population. These populations concentrated themselves in the most unfavourable places which prohibited a further development.
GA 96. Original Impulses fo the Science of the Spirit — Spiritual Insight Offering Greatest Liberation II: The Mission of the Spiritual Science Movement
These have been significant influences in our civilization that may be considered together with the kind of processes we discussed a week ago concerning the effects of copper and lead. You can see from these examples that occult brotherhoods were active in the world through the millennia for the benefit of humanity. This was right for those past times but it will no longer be right in the future.
GA 350. Learning to See in the Spiritual World — The Uses of What Seems Boring: The Spiritual World as the Inverse of the Physical
People read these days about alchemy, and believe it in an external way. They believe that they can change copper to gold, and there are charlatans who will tell you all kinds of superstitious variations of this. Of course, in the spiritual world these things are possible; but one must believe in the truth of the spirit.
GA 107. The Being of Man and His Future Evolution — The Manifestation of the Ego in the Different Races of Men
If a man brings his whole inner being to expression in his physiognomy and on the surface of his body, then it permeates his external being with the colour of his inner nature as it were. Now the colour of egohood is red or copper or a yellowish brown. And an overpowering feeling of ego arising from offended self-respect can even nowadays turn a man as it were yellow with rage. They are absolutely connected, these two phenomena: the red colour of those peoples that migrated to the West and the yellow colour of the man whose ‘blood boils’ as we say, and whose inner nature is showing itself right into his skin.
GA 98. Nature and Spirit Beings — Their Effects in Our Visible World — The Elemental Kingdoms of Nature
The first is what we call earth—that is, everything which today may be called a solid body, iron, copper, zinc, etc. everything solid is earth. Secondly, everything liquid is water, for instance, Mercury. Even iron, in a liquefied state would be water. Every liquid metal is water in the sense of Spiritual Science.
GA 98. The Elementary Kingdoms — The Elementary Kingdoms
The first is what we call Earth — that is, everything which today may be called a solid body iron, copper, tin, etc. Everything solid is Earth. Secondly, everything liquid is Water for instance, quicksilver. Even iron, in a liquefied state would be Water. From the third-place, if you convert water into steam it becomes Air.

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