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GA 35

No. Title Year
1 Mathematics and Occultism 21 Jun 1904
2 The Occult Basis of Goethe's Work 1906
3 Theosophy in Germany a Hundred Years Ago 4 Jun 1906
4 Philosophy and Anthroposophy 17 Aug 1908
5 The Psychological Foundation for Anthroposophy
6 Theosophy and Contemporary Spiritual Life
7 A Word on Theosophy at the Fourth Internationa Congress of Philosophy 1911
8 What is the Purpose of Spiritual Science and How is it Treated by Its Opponents 1914
9 The Task of Spiritual Science and its Construction in Dornach 11 Jan 1916
10 Human Life form the Point of View of Spiritual Science 16 Oct 1916
11 Knowledge of the State Between Death and a New Birth 1916
12 Spiritual Science as Anthroposophy and Contemporary Epistemology. Personal-Impersonal 1917
13 The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz 1917-18
14 Previous Secrecy and Present Publication of Supernatural Findings 1918
15 The Luciferic and Ahrimanic in Their Relation to Man 1918
16 A Foreword Apr 1921
17 Reply to Richard Wahle's “Critique of Knowlege and Anthroposophy” 1923
18 “What is the Purpose of Spiritual Science?” A Reply to “What do Anthroposophists Want?” 1914
19 Richard Wahle's “Critique of Knowlege and Anthroposophy” 1923