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Briefe, Volume I, 1881–1890

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Briefe, Volume I, 1881–1890."; } echo <<

Correspondence, Volume I, 1881–1890

Atomism and its Refutation, $zgert

Rudolf Steiner
(Written 1890; Bn 38 / GA 38)


This volume contains 252 letters, comments, and indices, in about 340 pages. Although Rudolf Steiner wrote many essays, and many in this Correspondence, Volume I GA/Bn, few have been translated into English. Many are dated and seem not to receive top priority from translators. $zaddon


Bn 38 / GA 38 ... Selections$zn6 ...


Atomism and its Refutation (Bn 38.1)

Book Cover Image Atomism and its Refutation was translated by Ruth Hofrichter from the original German of Die Atomistik und ihre Widerlegung (September 23, 1890.) This edition also includes Dr. Steiner's letter to Friederich Theodor Vischer (November 25, 1886) and his answers to six questions about some basic concepts of natural science (1919). The original texts were included in Zeitschrift Anthroposophie, Buch 3 und 4, 1935.
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