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The Rudolf Steiner Archive

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Two Cosmic Verses
GA 40

The Golden Blade, 1988

Translator Unknown

Easter: The Mystery at Ephesus

Being sprouted from the world, you in the form of light, strengthened by the sun in the power of the moon, Mars' creative sound and Mercury's limb-moving wings give you gifts, Jupiter's radiant wisdom enlightens you And Venus' love-bearing beauty - That Saturn's world-old spiritual intimacy consecrate you to the being of space and becoming of times!

Being sprung from worlds, thou in thy form of light, Given strength from the Sun in the Moon's might, Thou art endowed by Mars' creative resounding And Mercury's wings bring movement to thy limbs, Thou art illuminated by Jupiter's shining wisdom And by the beauty of Venus, bearing love. May Saturn's world-old spirit-inwardness Consecrate thee for space being and time's change.

The Sun and the Heart

Sun, you radiant, your light 's material power conjures up life from the earth's immeasurably rich depths. Heart, you soul-carrying, your light's spirit power conjures up life from people's immeasurably deep inner being. When I look into the sun, its radiant light speaks to me of the spirit that mercifully rules through cosmic beings. I feel into my heart, the spirit speaks its own word about the person it loves through all time and eternity. I can see looking upwards in the sun's bright round the mighty heart of the world. Looking inward, I can feel In the heart's warm beat That heseelt. human sun.

Sun, thou bearer of rays, Thy light's power over matter Magics life out of the earth's Limitless rich depths. Heart, thou bearer of soul, Thy light's power over spirit Magics life out of the human being's Limitless deep inwardness. If I gaze upon the Sun Her light speaks to me in radiance Of the Spirit, filled with grace, Wielding through the beings of worlds. If I feel within my heart The Spirit speaks its own true word About the human being, loved by him Through all time and eternity. Looking upwards, I can see In the sun's bright disc The mighty heart of worlds. Looking inwards, I can feel In the heart's warm beat The human Sun ensouled.