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Anthroposophy, A Fragment
GA 45

Anthroposophy, an incomplete work dating from 1910, was found among Rudolf Steiner's unpublished works both in the form of a handwritten manuscript and as printed sheets corrected by the author. Rudolf Steiner had dealt with the same theme orally in the first two of his twelve lectures on "Anthroposophy, Psychosophy, and Pneumatosophy," given in Berlin in 1909, 1910, and 1911, and later returned to it repeatedly from various points of view (see appendices). The content of this fragment is so valuable that its publication seems justified, even though the work remained unfinished,and was never published by Rudolf Steiner himself.

Introduction by James Dyson
Foreword by Robert Sardello
Editor/Co-Translator's Preface
Publisher's Foreword to the 1970 Edition
I. The Character of Anthroposophy
II. The Human Being as a Sensory Organism
III. The World Underlying the Senses
IV. The Life Processes
V. Processes in the Human Being
VI. The I-Experience
VII. The World Underlying the Sense Organs
VIII. The World Underlying the Organs of Life
IX. The Higher Spiritual World
X. The Human Form