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Philosophy of Spiritual Activity
GA 4

Editor's Preface to the Fourth Edition

AT the request of a number of students, anxious to arrive at the literal meaning of Rudolf Steiner's terms, this special edition has been prepared with the assistance of Dr. Phil. Hermann Poppelbaum, who has a well-known reputation in England and in Germany as a qualified expert in Rudolf Steiner's works.

Dr. Poppelbaum has attempted this difficult task with considerable diffidence, for he fully realizes the excellence of the former translation. He wishes me to say that his only object has been to check certain words and phrases from the strictly Steiner point of view. He is very grateful to the earlier translation, which still forms the basis of the new.

Professor Hoernlé has now for many years held the Professorship of Philosophy at the Johannesburg University, South Africa, and I am glad to have his kind consent and that of Mrs. Hoernlé to the proposed changes.


Whitsun, 1939.