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Die Stufen der Höheren Erkenntnis
GA 12

These essays originally appeared in the journal Lucifer-Gnosis as a direct continuation of Steiner's previous essays: “How to Know Higher Worlds”. The first installment in number 29 of October 1905 bore the subtitle “An alternate view to the article ‘How does one attain knowledge of higher worlds?’” At the end of the last published installment (issue 35, May 1908) was the note "To be continued". Additional installments were never forthcoming.

Although Rudolf Seiner prepared a book edition, this was not realized. By 1910, the paginated printed sheets for an independent edition had been created and in 1914 the text was completely reset together with “Higher Worlds”. However, neither the edition came about. Marie Seiner finally published the first book edition in 1931. In her preface, she pointed out the direct connection between this work and “Higher Worlds”.

  1. Die Stufen der Höheren Erkenntnis
  2. Die Imagination
  3. Die Inspiration
  4. Inspiration and Intuition