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The Rudolf Steiner Archive

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Four Mystery Plays
GA 14
The Soul's Awakening (Written 1913)

Scene 10

The same. Johannes alone in meditation.

‘This is the hour in which he dedicates
Himself to serve the ancient holy laws
Of sacred wisdom;—in a dream perchance
I may in spirit linger at his side.’
Thus near the temple spake in ancient times
The woman whom my spirit-vision sees;
By thoughts of her I feel my strength increased.
What is this picture's purpose? Why doth it
Hold my attention spellbound? Certainly
No sympathy.from out the picture's self
Accounts for this, for, should I see the scene
In earthly life, I should consider it
Of no importance. What saith it to me?

(As if from afar the voice of ‘the Other Philia.’)

The Other Philia:
The magical web
That forms thine own self.

And clairvoyant dreams
Make clear unto souls
The magical web
That forms their own self.

(While Johannes is speaking these lines ‘the Other Philia’ approaches him.)

Who art thou, magic spirit-counsellor?
True counsel didst thou bring unto my soul
But didst deceive me over thine own self.

The Other Philia:
Johannes, thine own being's double form
From thyself didst thou fashion. As a shade
Must I roam round thee for so long a time
As thou thyself shalt not set free the shade
Whom thine offence doth grant a life bewitched.

This is the third time that thou speakest thus;
I will obey thee. Point me out the way!

The Other Philia:
Johannes, whilst thou liv'st in spirit-light,
Seek what is treasured up within thy Self.
From its own light it will shed light on thee.
Thus canst thou learn by looking in thyself
How to wipe out thy fault in later lives.

How shall I, while I live in spirit-light,
Seek what is treasured up within my Self?

The Other Philia:
Give me that which thou thinkest that thou art;
Lose thou thyself in me a little while,
Yet so that thou dost not another seem.

How can I give myself to thee before
I have beheld thee as thou really art?

The Other Philia:
I am within thee, member of thy soul;
The force of love within thee is myself;
The heart's hope, as it stirs within thy breast,
The fruits of long-past lives upon this earth
Laid up for thee and hid within thyself,
Behold them now through me;—feel what I am,
And through my power in thee behold thyself.
Search out the pictured being, which thy sight,
Without thy sympathy, did form for thee.


O spirit-counsellor, I can indeed
Feel thee in me, yet I see thee no more.
Where livest thou for me?

(As if from afar the call of the Other Philia.)

The Other Philia:
The magical web
That forms thine own self.

‘The magical web
That forms their own self.’
O magical web, that forms mine own self,
Show me the pictured being which my sight
Without my sympathy did form for me.

Whereto doth this word's power conduct me now?
A spirit-star on yonder shore of souls—
It shines; it draweth nigh—as spirit-form,
Grows brighter as it nears;—now forms appear;—
They act as beings act who are alive;—
A youthful mystic—and a sacred flame,
The stern call of the highest hierophant
To tell the vision seen within the flame.

That woman doth the youthful mystic seek,
Whom my sight saw without my sympathy.

(Maria appears as a thought form of Johannes.)

Who thought of thee before the sacred flame?
Who felt thee near initiation's shrine?

Johannes, wouldst thou tear thy spirit-shade
From out the magic kingdoms of the soul;
Live then the aims that it will show to thee;
The path on which thou seek'st will guide thy steps,
But thou must first discover it aright.
The woman near the temple shows it thee
If she lives powerfully within thy thought.
Spellbound amongst shade-spirits doth she strive
To draw nigh to that other shade who now
Through thee loth evil service to grim shades.

(The Spirit of Johannes' Youth appears.)

The Spirit of Johannes' Youth:
I will be grateful to thee evermore
If thou in love wilt cultivate the powers
Laid up for me within the womb of time
By that young mystic in that bygone age
Whom once thy soul sought at the temple gate.
But thou must first this spirit truly see
At whose side I have now appeared to thee.

Maria, as thou wouldst behold her, lives
In other worlds than those where truth abides.
My holy earnest vow loth ray out strength
Which shall preserve for thee what thou hast gained.
In these clear fields of light me shalt thou find
Where radiant beauty life-power doth create;
Seek me in cosmic fundaments, where souls
Fight to recover their divine estate
Through love, which in the whole beholds the self.

(While Maria is speaking the last lines, Lucifer appears.)

So work, compelling powers;
Act therefore, powers of might,
Ye elemental sprites,
Feel now your master's power,
And smooth for me the way
That leads from realms of Earth
That so there may draw near
To Lucifer's domain
Whate'er my wish desires,
Whate'er obeys my will.

(Enter Benedictus.)

Maria's holy earnest vow doth pour
Now through his soul salvation's healing ray.
He will admire thee, but he will not fall.

I mean to fight.

And, fighting serve the gods.