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The Renewal of the Social Organism
GA 24

The articles presented in this volume were written during 1919 and 1920. In the Collected Edition of Rudolf Steiner's works, the volume containing the German texts is entitled, Aufsätze Über die Dreigliederung des sozialen organismus und zur Zeitlage 1915–1921 (Vol. 24 in the Bibliographic Survey, 1961.). They were translated from the German by E. Bowen-Wedgewood and Ruth Mariott; the translation was revised by Frederick Amrine. The publication of the printed volume was made possible by a grant from the Dietrich V. Asten Memorial Fund.

The cover (cloth) graphic form is by Rudolf Steiner, made for the first edition (1919) of his book Dir Kernpunkte der Sozialen Frage. The cover (paperback) graphic form is by Rudolf Steiner, made for the second edition (1920) of his book Die Kernpunkte der Sozialen Frage. Title lettering is by Peter Stebbing.

Four Articles from the Newspaper The Social Future

  1. The Threefold Social Organism Democracy and Socialism
  2. The International Economy and The Threefold Social Order
  3. Culture, Law and Economics
  4. The Threefold Order and Social Trust: Capital and Credit

Twenty Articles from the Newspaper The Threefold Social Order

  1. The Threefold Division of the Social Organism: A Necessity of the Age
  2. International Aspects of the Threefold Social Order
  3. Marxism and the Threefold Social Order
  4. The Threefold Social Order and Educational Freedom
  5. What is Needed
  6. Ability to Work, Will to Work, and the Threefold Social Order
  7. What Socialists Do Not See
  8. Socialist Stumbling-Blocks
  9. What the “New Spirit” Demands
  10. Economic Profit and the Spirit of the Age
  11. Cultivation of the Spirit and Economic Life
  12. Law and Economics
  13. Social Spirit and Socialist Superstition
  14. The Pedagogical Basis of the Waldorf School
  15. The Fundamental Fallacy in Social Thought
  16. The Roots of Social Life
  17. The Basis of the Threefold Social Order
  18. Real Enlightenment as the Basis of Social Thought
  19. Longing for New Thoughts
  20. Wanted: Insight!