Rudolf Steiner Archive

Calendar of the Soul

Northern Hemisphere
Week 36

Within my being's depths there speaks,
Intent on revelation,
The cosmic Word mysteriously:
Imbue your labor's aims
With my bright spirit light
To sacrifice yourself through me.

Southern Hemisphere
Week 10

To summer's radiant heights
The sun in shining majesty ascends;
It takes my human feeling
Into its own wide realms of space.
Within my inner being stirs
Presentiment which heralds dimly,
You shall in future know:
A godly being now has touched you.

—Translation by Ruth and Hans Pusch

See GA 40 for full calendar and German text.

Cosmology, Religion and Philosophy
GA 25

A series of lectures commencing with the opening of the “French course” at the Goetheanum Dornach, September 1922, published by Frau Dr. Steiner in one volume.

This volume is presented here with the kind permission of the Rudolf Steiner Nachlassverwaltung, Dornach, Switzerland.

IThe Three Steps of Anthroposophy
IIExercises of Thought, Feeling and Volition
IIIMethods of Imaginative, Inspired and Intuitive Knowledge or Cognition
IVExercises of Cognition and Will
VExperiences of the Soul in Sleep
VITransference from the Psycho-Spiritual to the Physical Sense-Life in Man's Development
VIIThe Relationship of Christ with Humanity
VIIIThe Event of Death and Its Relationship with the Christ
IXThe Destination of the Ego-consciousness in Conjunction with the Christ-problem
XOn Experiencing the Will-part of the Soul

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