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The Rudolf Steiner Archive

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The Life, Nature, and Cultivation of Anthroposophy
GA 26

After the Christmas Foundation Meeting of the General Anthroposophical Society in Dornach (1923–24), Rudolf Steiner wrote week by week articles addressed to the members. Contained in this volume are the early articles that describe the character of the Society arising from the Foundation Meeting and give advice as to its conduct and relation to the world.

This volume is also known as: Letters to the Members, Volume I, 1924. The German text is published under the title: Das lebendige Wesen der Anthroposophie und seine Pflege, reprinted from the Complete Centenary Edition of the Works of Rudolf Steiner (from the section of Collected Essays and Letters to the Members).


Letters following the foundation of the General Anthroposophical Society — I-IV
The statues and early letters to members, now categorized as GA 260a.

Various dates

To all Members — V-VII
Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts.

Various dates

To all Members — VIII-XVI
The Work in the Society.

Various dates

To all Members — XVII
Understanding of the Spirit and conscious Experience of Destiny.

13 July 1924

To all Members — XVIII
How the Leading Thoughts are to be used.

10 August 1924