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The Rudolf Steiner Archive

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Third Scientific Lecture-Course:
GA 323


With this work there appears in print the richest in scope and indeed the most comprehensive of the Natural Science Courses held by Rudolf Steiner before the teachers of the Waldorf School. In no other Course has the great teacher given so much of the foundations of method and so such of what is needed to link up the single sciences with one another as in this “Astronomical Course,” to which in his opening words he expressly gave the title “The Relation of the different Branches of Natural Science to Astronomy.”

Natural scientists, medical doctors, mathematicians and astronomers were directed towards ways in which to overcome the separation of their various domains. At the same time the most significant indications were given to the specialist, by which he might re-organise his own special sphere in the sense of a science based on spiritual knowledge. An immeasurable feeling of responsibility and duty is aroused by this gift of wisdom; all the more so when its creator no longer lives among us physically.

A short time before his death he was able to accept the study on this Course by W. Kaiser (Astronomy in the Light of Spiritual Science: Published by Der Kommende Tag) but this, his own work, we can only dedicate to his eternal spirit, which remains united with all his work when it is carried forward in his spirit.

Before being printed, the text of the shorthand notes was carefully revised. My cordial thanks for this responsible task are due to Herr E. A. Stockmeyer of the Waldorf School in Stuttgart for his ready assistance.

E. Vreede
May, 1926.