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The Rudolf Steiner Archive

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Curative Eurythmy
GA 315

Foreword to the English Edition

There are many difficulties involved in translating the curative eurythmy course. In order to remain as close to Rudolf Steiner's meaning as possible, it was agreed to make as literal a translation as was necessary. It was therefore clear from the beginning that the text could not read like an English composition. In the German, one has of course to do with the spoken word, which is less clearly formulated than a written text. Furthermore, in this course Steiner develops concepts which are being formulated for the first time. His difficulty in finding the means to convey these ideas adequately is evident to begin with in the analogies he brings, which are in themselves complicated, and, what is here more important, in the way he bends and reshapes the German language to follow the contours of the thoughts. His intent is often more evident in the sound of the words and their sequence rather than in their meaning, as was justified in speaking to eurythmists. No attempt has been made to spare the English reader the work of following Steiner by translating intellectually what we understand his meaning to be. Sentences which are difficult to understand will on comparison generally be found to be equally difficult in German. Where an uncertainty arose in the German text it has been left as such in the English.

It is important to attempt to follow the invisible being of this course which is expressed only in its barest substance by the text. Repeated readings of the lectures will reveal an inner plan which is not at first apparent. The course outlines the inner structure of curative eurythmy and thus in its own way that of the human being.

The German pronunciation of the alphabet has been retained throughout as it is assumed that all practitioners of curative eurythmy will already be familiar with this usage.

Dortmund, West Germany
December 1982

Kristina Kroh