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Esoteric Lessons III
GA 266

Six Exercises

Imagine you're out in cosmic space surrounded by light, and that a voice from the four compass points (only one voice from four different directions) says to you:

Be a strong I.
Give thy heart to the Spirit of the World.
(Then soul quiet.)

Retrospect. Imagine you're out in cosmic space surrounded by darkness, and you tell the eastern full moon:

I will be a strong I.
I will give my heart to the Spirit of the World.
(Then soul-quiet.)


3–4 minutes: Think of a star that's over your head:

By the lighting
Of the star
Over my head
I will hold
The power
In my heart
To helping the powers in my soul.

4–5 minutes: Imagine that the Christ comes to you from the sun and says to your heart:

I give you
My graceful word
And my loving power
And you will
Make progress
In your soul
And in your I.


Imagine a Symbol 1 that alternates between blue and red:

I will
Send my thoughts
To thee
Messenger of Gods
And be
In thy being
For time and eternity.
(Then soul-rest)

Retrospect. Imagine that the sun says:

In harmonies
With the Planet Sphere
Tell I
As representer of Christ
To thine heart
“The God Word
Streams in My Light.”

Then 5 min. quiet meditation.


3–4 minutes: I go into the spiritual world. Then 10 minutes: Imagine a charcoaled cross with 7 pink violet roses.

So as out of the black cross
The red roses,
So out of the darkness of the world
The clearness of Christ's life.

15 minutes: Retrospect of the preceding day. Then imagine a white, gleaming sunlight-cross with 7 green roses.

So as the green life
In the white sunlight,
So Christ's life
In the course of man's evolution.

Then the 6 exercises.