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The Rudolf Steiner Archive

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Esoteric Development
Various GAs

Steiner depicts here the experience of his non-mystical, scientifically clear path to a cultivation of inner faculties for experiencing super-sensible realities. Topics covered include the "six basic exercises," fasting, suitable content and practical requirements for meditative training, changes and stages of inner awareness, the role of love in acquiring higher knowledge, the development of higher sense organs or chakras, and the three types of esoteric paths: Oriental Yoga, Christian-Gnostic, and European Rosicrucian.

“With an informative introduction by Alan Howard, Esoteric Development is a useful introduction to the spiritual development exercises taught by Rudolf Steiner.” - New Age Book Review.

Edited by Alice Wulsin and with a cover design by Peter Van Oordt. Translation credits are given on the individual lectures.

I. Inner Development December 07, 1905
II. Psychological Foundations of Anthroposophy April 08, 1911
III. Supersensible Knowledge: Anthroposophy As a Demand of the Age September 26, 1923
IV. Attainment of Supersensible Knowledge August 20, 1922
V. General Demands Which Every Aspirant for Occult Development Must Put to Himself
VI. Further Rules in Continuation of General Demands
VII. The Great Initiates March 16, 1905
VIII. The Path of Knowledge and Its Stages: The Rosicrucian Spiritual Path October 20, 1906
IX. Imaginative Knowledge and Artistic Imagination October 21, 1906
X. The Three Decisions on the Path of Imaginative Cognition March 02, 1915