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The Rudolf Steiner Archive

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Goethe's Secret Revelation
GA 57

Publisher's Preface

Trismegistus Press is pleased to re-publish this rare volume of Rudolf Steiner's early writings. Steiner was most influenced by Goethe, and especially by his greatest work, Faust. The Faust legend allegorically describes the development of Western civilization which fostered an insatiable thirst for knowledge and intellect at the expense of wisdom of the heart.

The theme of Goethe's Secret Revelation is that the process of initiation is followed by a loss of innocence and a struggle for survival in the pursuit of Truth. The trials and tribulations of everyday life are the proving ground for the Initiate. Eventually, we regain our innocence through consciousness of our Inner Self.

Steiner's message, like Goethe's Faust, is divided into two parts, the outer and the inner worlds, the exoteric and the esoteric. The first section deals with the fulfilment of worldly desires at the cost of the soul. The second part deals with Faust's redemption through understanding altruistic beauty, compassion and Love. The lesson Steiner brings to this work is that the inner side of life must balance the outer world for harmonious growth to take place.

In today's world, the technocratic, mechanistic, scientific approach to life may desensitize us to our inner soul consciousness. We re-release this book to illustrate what may occur when the power of knowledge is unleashed without the heart wisdom guiding it. Goethe's Secret Revelation also reawakens a vision of unlimited possibilities for a new world filled with the spirit of Love and Truth.