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The Christian Mystery
GA 97

Indian Theosophical Terms

akashic substance The spiritual substance that is the basis of cosmic memory. See Steiner R. Cosmic Memory (GA 11). Tr. K. E. Zimmer. New York: Harper and Row 1981.
astral world soul world, imaginative world, elementary world. See Steiner R. Theosophy (GA 9) chapter on the three worlds. Tr. M. Cotterel & A.P. Shepherd. London: Rudolf Steiner Press 1970 or tr. C. E. Creeger. New York: Anthroposophic Press 1995.
atman, buddhi, manas The three spiritual principles that are part of human nature. The German terms for these translate into English as spirit man, life spirit, spirit self See Theosophy (as above), chapter on the essential nature of man.
chela occult pupil or student
devachan or world of spirits, spiritual world, also world of the
mental world/plan See chapter on the three worlds in Theosophy (as above).
kama loka substance of desire or longing, also place of desires, 'purgatory'.
pitris 'fathers' or forebears of earthly human beings at the time of Moon and Sun evolution.
rishis original teachers of humanity in the ancient Indian period of civilization.
root races, races,  sub races stages in human evolution (Lemurian, Atlantean) periods of early races, sub-races civilization (ancient Indian, ancient Persian, etc.). See Steiner R. The Apocalypse (of St John) (= Book of Revelation) (GA 104). 22 June 1908. Tr. rev. M. Cotterell. London: Anthroposophical Publishing Co.

For earlier stages of earth incarnation, see Steiner R. Occult Science. An Outline (GA 13), chapter on world evolution and man. Tr. G. & M. Adams, rev. London: Rudolf Steiner Press 1971.