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The Rudolf Steiner Archive

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The Spiritual Hierarchies
GA 110

Ten Lectures by Rudolf Steiner given in Düsseldorf during April 1909 published in German as: Geistige Hierarchien und Ihre Widerspiegelung in der Physischen Welt. Tierkreis, Planeten, Kosmos.

These lectures take us into the exalted regions of the spiritual world, illuminating the actions of the spiritual beings in the kingdoms of nature and in the planetary and zodiacal spheres, and explaining the task allotted to humanity in the continuous evolution of this hierarchical world.

Translated by R. M. Querido

Lecture I April 12, 1909
Lecture II April 12, 1909
Lecture III April 13, 1909
Lecture IV April 13, 1909
Lecture V April 14, 1909
Lecture VI April 15, 1909
Lecture VII April 16, 1909
Lecture VIII April 17, 1909
Lecture IX April 18, 1909
Lecture X April 18, 1909