Rudolf Steiner Archive 

Calendar of the Soul

Northern Hemisphere

Week 6

There has arisen from its narrow limits
My self and finds itself
As revelation of all worlds
Within the sway of time and space;
The world, as archetype divine,
Displays to me at every turn
The truth of my own likeness.

Southern Hemisphere

Week 32

I feel my own force, bearing fruit
And gaining strength to give me to the world.
My inmost being I feel charged with power
To turn with clearer insight
Toward the weaving of life's destiny.

—Translation by Ruth and Hans Pusch

See GA 40 for full calendar and German text.

The Gospel of St. John
GA 112

This weighty cycle of lectures illuminates many events in the Gospels with the penetrating insight of spiritual science. This book is an important chapter in the development of Steiner's Christology.

A course of fourteen lectures given at Cassel, 24th June to 7th July, 1909. This translation has been made from the original of Rudolf Steiner, by permission of H. Collison, M.A. (Oxon) by whom all Rights are reserved. Published in German as Das Johannes-Evangelium im Verhaeltnis zu den Drei Anderen Evangelien, Besonders zu dem Lukas-Evangelium.

I The Christians of St. John. June 24, 1909
The rebirth of the higher Ego in man and in humanity.
IIThe living spiritual history. June 25, 1909
The leaders of humanity. The creative Word.
IIIThe metamorphoses of the Earth. June 26, 1909
The prototypes of created types. The servants of the Word.
IVThe hierarchies of our solar system and the kingdoms of the earth. June 27, 1909
VHuman development during the incarnations of our Earth. June 28, 1909
The kingdom of the Luciferic and Ahrimanic spirits and the kingdom of the divine spiritual beings.
VIThe Atlantean oracles. June 29, 1909
The post Atlantean Sanctuaries of initiation. The Baptism by John.
VIIThe Baptism with Water and the Baptism with Fire and Spirit. June 30, 1909
VIIIThe Mysteries of initiation. July 01, 1909
The rebirth through Christ Jesus.
IXThe artistic composition of the Gospel of St. John. July 02, 1909
The climax of power in the signs and miracles.
XWhat occurred at the Baptism by John? July 03, 1909
Christ's mastery over the laws of the bony system and the conquest of death.
XIThe establishment of harmony in the inner forces of man through the Christ-impulse. July 04, 1909
The connection between the ancient Mysteries and the Gospels.
XIIThe decline of the ancient wisdom and its renewal through the Christ-impulse. July 05, 1909
The significance of the Mystery of Golgotha for human evolution upon earth.
XIIIThe cosmic significance of the Mystery of Golgotha. July 06, 1909
The conquest of death through the expulsion of the Luciferic and Ahrimanic influence. Death as the bringer of life. The Earth becomes a new Sun. The power of Christ radiates into the human etheric body. The effects of the Christ-light and its reflection in the earth's periphery as a spiritual sphere. The Holy Ghost.
XIVThe Earth as the body of Christ and as a new centre of light. July 07, 1909
The Last Supper as the preparation for the mystical union with Christ. Paul, the apostle of the spiritually living Christ. The seven stages of Christian initiation. Death, the seed of eternal Ego-hood. Spirit-knowledge is the fire of life.

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