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Genesis - Secrets of the Bible Story of Creation
GA 122

Steiner describes the formative work of the Elohim, as well as other spiritual beings, in this detailed study of the seven days of creation as recorded in the Book of Genesis. He explains the reality behind Jehovah, variant translations from the Hebrew, and the correspondence of the Genesis account with the anthroposophical description of the evolutionary periods.

This translation has been made by Dorothy Lenn with the assistance of Owen Barfield from the revised 3rd edition of the German text-published under the title, “Die Geheimnisse der biblischen Schöpfungsgeschichte.” For the convenience of English readers quotations from the Bible have been given in the words of the English Authorised Version, or if this has seemed impracticable, the Authorised Version has been given in a footnote. Translation by Dorothy Lenn with help Owen Barfield

I. The Mystery of the Archetypal Word August 17, 1910
II. Ha'arets and Haschamayim August 18, 1910
III. The Seven Days of Creation August 19, 1910
IV. The Forming and Creating of Beings by the Elohim. The Aeons or Time-Spirits August 20, 1910
V. Light and Darkness. Yom and Lay'lah August 21, 1910
VI. Elementary Existence and the Spiritual Beings behind it. Jahve-Elohim August 22, 1910
VII. The First and Second Days of Creation. The Work of Elementary Beings on Human Organs August 23, 1910
VIII. Stages of Human Development up to the Sixth Day of Creation August 24, 1910
IX. The Moon Nature in Man August 25, 1910
X. The Harmony of the Bible with Clairvoyant Research August 26, 1910