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The Rudolf Steiner Archive

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The Mission of Christian Rosenkreutz
GA 130


A year ago we heard how the knowledge of a certain relationship to Christian Rosenkreutz may come to man involuntarily. But it is also possible to put a kind of question to one's own destiny: “Can I make myself worthy to become a pupil of Christian Rosenkreutz?” ... Let such a man try to place before his soul a picture of Christian Rosenkreutz, the great Teacher of the modern age, in the midst of the Twelve, sending forth Gautama Buddha into the Cosmos as his emissary at the beginning of the seventeenth century, thus bringing about a consummation of what came to pass in the sixth century before Christ through the Sermon at Benares. If this picture, with its whole import, stands vividly before the soul, if a man feels that something streaming from this great and impressive picture wrings from his soul the words: O Man, thou art not merely an earthly Being; thou art in truth a Cosmic Being! ... then he may believe with quiet confidence: “I can aspire to become a pupil of Christian Rosenkreutz.” This picture of the relationship of Christian Rosenkreutz to Gautama Buddha is a potent and effective meditation.

Such is the aspiration I would fain bring to life in your souls ... Study of the world must always interest us profoundly, but this study must be the means whereby through our own development we are led on into the higher worlds.