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Evolution in the Aspect of Realities
GA 132

Publisher's Note

In the original the numbering of the lectures is confusing. Six lectures in all were given. The Moon Development is divided into Parts 1 and 2, making the 4th and 5th Lecture.

The following Synopsis is not authoritative, and has merely been inserted by the Editor for the possible convenience of students. The lectures began in 1911, during the crisis in the Theosophical Society, due to the claim started by Mrs. Besant and Mr. Leadbeater that a certain Hindu boy under the protection of the latter would be used later on for the physical reincarnation of the Christ. Their dogmatic attitude and the intolerant propaganda associated with it brought about the withdrawal of Dr. Steiner from the Theosophical Society. The matter is just referred to by him in the Introductory Lecture, but not again in this Course of Lectures, which are of extreme importance and utility in their power of connecting the living with the dead.