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The Inner Realities of Evolution
GA 132

This book is a revised edition of “Evolution in the Aspect of Realities”. It is a course of five lectures given in Berlin, October – December, 1911, and is a part of the lecture series entitled, Evolution in the Aspect of Realities, published in German as, Die Evolution vom Gesichtspunkkte des Wahrhaftigen.

I.The Inner Aspect of the Saturn-embodiment of the Earth October 31, 1911
II.The Inner Aspect of the Sun-embodiment of the Earth November 07, 1911
III.The Inner Aspect of the Moon-embodiment of the Earth I November 14, 1911
IV.The Inner Aspect of the Moon-embodiment of the Earth II November 21, 1911
V.The Inner Aspect of the Earth-embodiment of the Earth December 05, 1911