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The Rudolf Steiner Archive

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Earthly and Cosmic Man
GA 133

These nine lectures, given by Rudolf Steiner at Berlin in late 1911 and early 1912, concentrate on laws of human destiny and reincarnation in the development of the free, self-conscious, independent human personality.

The lectures are from the lecture series entitled, The Earthly and The Cosmic Man, published in German as, Der Irdische und der Kosmische Mensch.

Foreword by Marie Steiner
I. Introductory Lecture. Winter Session. October 23rd, 1911
II. Evidences of Bygone Ages in Modern Civilisation. March 19th, 1912
III. “Chance” and Present-Day Consciousness. March 26th, 1912
An Easter Meditation.
IV. The Forces of the Human Soul and Their Inspirers. April 23rd, 1912
Kalewala: The Epic of the Finns.
V. The Idea of Reincarnation and its Introduction into Western Culture. May 5th, 1912
The Heralding of Christianity.
VI. The Mission of the Earth. May 14th, 1912
Wonder, Compassion and Conscience. The Christ Impulse.
VII. The Signature of Human Evolution. May 20th, 1912
The Advancing Individuality. The Dawn of the New Power of the Spirit-Self in Man.
VIII. Consciousness, Memory, Karma. June 18th, 1912
Thought Forms.
IX. Form-Creating Forces. June 20th, 1912
The Principle of Progress in Evolution. Seriousness of the Hour.