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Secrets of the Threshold
GA 147


This cycle of lectures has had four German editions, in Berlin 1914 (Cycle 29), in Berlin 1930, edited by Adolf Arenson, in Freiburg in 1955 by the Novalis Verlag and in 1982 by the Rudolf Steiner Verlag. The first English translation edited by H. Collison was published in 1928 by Anthroposophical Publishing Co., London and Anthroposophic Press, New York.

Rudolf Steiner gave these lectures twice on the same day, mornings and evenings, in the “Princes' Hall” of the Cafe Luitpold in Munich. The performances of the two Mystery Dramas at the Volkstheaters were also given twice. The title of the drama receiving its first performance was given in the program announcements as “The Awakening of Maria and Thomasius (or The Other Side of the Threshold).”

A list of the Munich performances and lecture cycles will be found on the next page. A fifth Mystery Drama was planned for the summer of 1914, and a cycle “Occult Hearing and Occult Reading” would have been given August 18 – 27, but the beginning of World War I prevented any further Munich Festivals. In Dornach four lectures with the title Occult Reading and Occult Hearing were given in October, 1914. (Rudolf Steiner Press, 1975).

A word to new readers of Rudolf Steiner seems necessary. As with many of Steiner's lecture cycles a certain familiarity with anthroposophy on the part of the listeners was assumed. This means acquaintance at a minimum with his introductory writings such as Theosophy or Occult Science. The reader unfamiliar with these works is advised to turn first to these books as a way of increasing his understanding and appreciation of this volume.