Rudolf Steiner Archive 

A Sound Outlook for To-day and a Genuine Hope for the Future
GA 181

This book is comprised of lectures 15 through 21 of 21 lectures in the lecture series entitled: Dying Earth and Living World/Cosmos. It was published in German as: Erdensterben und Weltleben. Anthroposophische Lebensgaben. Bewustseins-notwendigkeiten Fuer Gegenwart und Zukunft. (vol. 181 in the Bibliographic Survey).

Lecture I: States of Consciousness June 25, 1918
Lecture II: The Building at Dornach July 03, 1918
Lecture III: East and West July 09, 1918
Lecture IV: History and Repeated Earth-Lives July 16, 1918
Lecture VI: The Being and Evolution of Man July 23, 1918
Lecture VI: Problems of the Time (I) July 30, 1918
Lecture VII: Problems of the Time (II) August 06, 1918

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