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Spiritual Relation in the Configuration of the Human Organism
GA 218

We know that digestion is the destruction and re-enlivening of matter for sustaining of the body, but are we aware of the interconnectedness of this process to normal soul-life? Subjects in these lectures include the Parsifal motif and its relation to subtle changes within the human organism; the evolution of medicine; healing through the etheric and through the physical; health and illness in relation to dead and living light.

Three lectures given at the Goetheanum, Oct 20, 22, and 23, 1922, and translated by Margaret Deussen. They are from the lecture series entitled: Spiritual Relationships in the Human Organism and published in German as: Geistiger Zusammenhaenge in der Gestaltung des Menschlichen Organismus. These lectures are also known as: Aspects of the Human Organism. While this version of these lectures is a typescript version and contained no diagrams, we added the drawings from the original German lecture series.

Lecture I October 20, 1922
Lecture II October 22, 1922
Lecture III October 23, 1922