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The Waking of the Human Soul and the Forming of Destiny
GA 224

Steiner here deals with the interwovenness of human beings and destiny with cosmic and spiritual evolution. By meditating upon the human functions of walking, talking, sleeping, and thinking, we are brought into contact with the traces of the past deeds of spiritual Beings and the presence of Christ among us now and in the future.

This English edition of two lectures given in Prague on the 28th and 29th April 1923 entitled, “Die Etappen des Erwachens der menschlichen Seele. Die Christus-Offenbarung.” is published by permission of Rudolf Steiner-Nachlassverwaltung, Dornach, Switzerland. They are the 3rd and 4th of 11 lectures in the work, The Human Soul in its Connection with Godly-Spiritual Individualities, or Die Menschliche Seele in Ihrem Zusammenhang Mit Goettlich-Geistligen Individualitaeten. Die Verinnerlichung der Jahresfeste, in German.

I. Waking of the Human Soul and the Forming of Destiny April 28, 1923
II. The Need for Understanding The Christ April 29, 1923