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The Foundation Stone Meditation & Rhythms
GA 260

1 January 1924, Dornach

Translated by Ernst Katz (1996)

View and download the four parts compared and The Seven Rhythms of the Foundation Stone Verse with Suggested Days and Seasons: Katz Foundation Stone Meditation and Rhythms

Part One

Human soul!
You live in the limbs;
Through the world of space they bear you
Into seas of spirit-being:

Practice spirit-recalling

In depths of soul,
Where in the wielding
Your own “I”
Comes into being
Within the “I of God;”
And you will truly live
In human cosmic being.

For there reigns the Father-spirit of the heights
In cosmic depths creating existence
Ye Spirits of Strength,
Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones,
Let from the heights ring forth
What in the depths finds its echo;
This speaks thus:
From the divine mankind takes being.

Thus hear it the elementary spirits
In the East, West, North, South:
May human beings hear it!

Part Two

Human soul!
You live in the beat of heart and lungs;
Through the rhythm of time it leads you
Into the feeling of your own soul-being:

Practice Spirit-meditating

In equanimity of soul,
Where by the surging
Deeds of world-becoming
Your own “I”
Is united
With the “I of the cosmos”
And you will truly feel
In human weaving of souls.

For there reigns the will of Christ all around us
In cosmic rhythms bestowing grace onto souls.
Ye Spirits of Light,
Kyriotetes, Dynamis, Exusiai,
Let from the East be enkindled
What through the West takes on form;
This speaks thus:
In Christ death becomes life.

Thus hear it the elementary spirits
in the East, West, North, South:
May human beings hear it!

Part Three

Human soul!
You live in the resting head;
From eternal grounds it discloses
The thoughts of the cosmos to you:

Practice Spirit-envisioning

In stillness of thought,
Where by the eternal aims of gods
Light of cosmic being
To your own “I”
Is granted
For your free willing;
And you will truly think
In human spirit grounds.

For there reign the cosmic thoughts of the Spirit
In cosmic being light imploring.
Ye Spirits of Soul,
Archai, Archangeloi, Angeloi,
Let from the depths be entreated
What in the heights will be answered;
This speaks thus:
In the Spirit’s cosmic thoughts the soul awakens.

Thus hear it the elementary spirits
in the East, West, North, South:
May human beings hear it!

Part Four

At the turning point of time
Came the cosmic spirit light
Into the earthly stream of being.

Night darkness
Had reached its power’s end;
Light, bright as day,
Rayed forth in human souls;

That gives warmth
To simple hearts of shepherds;

That enlightens
The wise heads of kings;

Light divine,

Give warmth
To our hearts;

Our heads,

That good may become
What from our hearts
We are founding,
What from our heads
We shall guide
With our purposeful willing.