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The Rudolf Steiner Archive

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Esoteric Lessons I
GA 266

Number 17

Kassel, 6-27-'07

A pupil should remember the basic principle: I can wait patiently. Impatient striving doesn't bring one forwards. Whatever one does will bear fruit in the future. The great masters have promised us this. The pupil should meditate on the first formula every morning. First he should discard every worry and thought. A man comes out of the astral world and feels restored. He will feel quiet. Then the first meditation. Don't think what the words mean, but let them flow into one. They contain the highest forces, for they aren't arbitrarily put together, but with the greatest wisdom. Meditate everything pictorially. The retrospect last. Look back at every little detail from the end to the beginning. Memory is the bridge on which we're led to the invisible Akashic record. In the retrospect we have streets, fields, flowers, rocks, etc. recalled through memory or we could really look back at them with our eyes. This takes place in the previous time order. But there's also another kind of looking back: as if time periods were in space. So-called memory is lost, but something higher is gained. In higher worlds everything runs from end to beginning; the pupil goes backwards to prepare for this. Regrets are egoism, so the retrospect should be without them.