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Calendar of the Soul


Northern Hemisphere
Week 12

The radiant beauty of the world
Compels my inmost soul to free
God-given powers of my nature
That they may soar into the cosmos,
To take wing from myself
And trustingly to seek myself
In cosmic light and cosmic warmth.

Southern Hemisphere
Week 38

The spirit child within my soul
I feel freed of enchantment.
In heart-high gladness has
The holy cosmic Word engendered
The heavenly fruit of hope,
Which grows rejoicing into worlds afar
Out of my being's godly roots.

—Translation by Ruth and Hans Pusch

See GA 40 for full calendar and German text.

Esoteric Lessons I
GA 266

Number 24

Basel, 11-23-'07

The world aroma that goes through the whole universe is the Father's revelation, is the original substance. We call it odor today. Odor is something we don't become aware of much yet; taste has become disclosed to us a little bit more.

The world of light; that's the Son, the force of life.

World sound, the sound that reverberates and weaves through the world, is the revelation of the Spirit, the form.

In i we have the center to which the etheric body strives

a is complete reverence and devotion
ae is shy reverence
o is like embracing, enclosing
u is resting, being ensheathed.

The East Indian path soon goes up into the astral world. A pupil is very helpless there at first, which is why he needs a guru to tell him what to do, because the pupil can't correct his mistakes due to contradictory precepts in the astral world.

There's only an inner orienting in the astral world, for instance the colors of objects flame out of objects or beings there, and stream, flow, resound through space after they've become detached from things.. These colors, odors and sounds then enliven others.

One must learn to experience the separation of color from a flower, one must think that the color is floating free I space. This experience leads into the astral world. The experience of odor as world aroma leads to the Father. Imagination is the separation of color from the object, which is why it's so very important for an esoteric.

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