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The Rudolf Steiner Archive

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Esoteric Lessons I
GA 266

Number 25b

Berlin, 1-26-'08

What we aspire to in esoteric life is the attainment of a different, higher state of consciousness than is the one we are in now. We are looking to reach a state that would only occur—with the ordinary course of things—on Jupiter. In a different way, of course, this condition occurs in the occult pupil, who undergoes the development in advance, than in the Jupiter man. Jupiter man will have a very different physical body than we possess today.

There are states in everyday consciousness in all people reminiscent of the moon's state and others in which the state of Jupiter protrudes. When the pubic blush kicks us in the face, we repeat a piece of lunar condition. Why this? On the moon, we didn't have blood yet. But we know that blood is the expression of our self. On the old moon, all the forces that work in our blood today were outside ours. There was not yet a feeling of me in us. If we blush out of shame, we would like to say: Oh I wouldn't be, I soak into the earth.—In doing so, we are pushing the blood outwards, as it were, passing our self off.

Another condition that points to Jupiter is the one that occurs when we feel fright, fear by fading. What is happening? We push our blood for the heart to strengthen our self. We do this instinctively to make ourselves strong, to avert a danger from us. On Jupiter, the heart will become an arbitrary muscle—at will we can amplify our self. For in fact, on Jupiter, events and Beings will confront us in which we have absolutely necessity to strengthen our self-consciousness. But we must seek to reach a state where we protect our self in exactly the same way as with the feeling of anxiety, without having a sense of anxiety.

If we take a deep breath and hold our breath, we recap a piece of lunar condition. If, on the other hand, we leave our breath outside, we have a piece of Jupiter's state in it. This is related to whether the secret student gets exercises in which he has to hold his breath, because in a way he has to go through the moon state, or whether he gets exercises in which he has to leave his breath outside, because he can thus reach the Jupiter state. Everyone has to be treated individually. We know that the flow of humanity is already splitting in two parts, the one that passes into the good, the moral, and the other that ends into the chilling, evil. Such conditions are already starting to take place, the germs are already present. So everything that is today in machines, instruments in the world and set in motion, on which Jupiter becomes terrible, horrifying demons. Anything that serves only the principle of usefulness will once become such terrible powers. Paralyzed, this can become when we transform the usefulness apparatus into those that, in addition to its usefulness, proclaim above all the beauty, the divine. It is very good that we know this. Otherwise, such powers would tear the Earth apart. We also see how enormously important it is that in the education of the child we surround the same thing with artistic impressions. Art frees up. Even the locomotive must once be converted into a machine that is beautiful.—Our feelings of fear and anxiety are food for other evil beings. We do not have to give rise to such ideas. Because on Jupiter, such demons are surrounded us in far greater numbers than they are now. But for whom there is nothing to fear in this respect, who, like a clever man, keeps his shell pure, so that no flies can accumulate around the dirt. The astral plan is actually a wisdom region; [Also the world of the physical]. It was only by having selfishness descended into them with the individual I that disorder has entered them. A certain piece now in the cosmos has descend on the physical plan at this point in time, as it were as a premature birth. These are the comets. In them we still find the laws of wisdom. Therefore, the wonderful tracks in which they measure the celestial space. And a clash with our Earth's body can therefore only be assumed by materialistic astronomy.

The secret pupil must all know these things—for without knowing he would not get any further; He will one day have to understand this.

Man receives the moon consciousness on Jupiter to Earth consciousness. He approaches spiritualization.