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The Rudolf Steiner Archive

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Esoteric Lessons I
GA 266

Number 45

Berlin, 3-3-'09

Nothing is given to a pupil as something finished, but the teacher leaves it up to him to do something with it. Everything is like a seed that's placed into the pupil's soul so that it can unfold its activity there. Development is placed in the pupil's own hand The impulse is given into the I, and the I must develop it out of its own power that should be kindled inwardly. There are facts about the spiritual world. Let the pupil kindle feelings about them himself; and may his soul blossom thereby, just as a flower comes forth from a seed. Let this pupil hold this thought fast in his soul: May the I's freedom and independence always be preserved. And looking up to Christ, let there always stand in our soul: Christ is the archetype of the I, let my I strive to become a copy of this archetype. And “I am” is the only right name for this archetype; we can never speak of “He.”