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The History of Art
GA 292

Here are the previously untranslated last four lectures from The History of Art, with Slides. The “slides,” in this case, are images of the artworks that were presented with the lectures. The slides were not included with this typescript version, but we found these images and have added them to the text.

These are the last four lectures from the lecture series entitled, The History of Art as an Image of an Inner Spiritual Impulse, published in German as, Kunstgeschichte Als Abbild Innerer Geistiger Impuls.

X.“Disputa” of Raphael — the School of Athens October 05, 1917
The artistic representation of imaginative-spiritual imagery of the Fourth post Atlantean epoch moving towards the start of the more materialistically orientated 5th epoch. Raphael: “Disputa” and “School of Athens”.
XI.Fourth and Fifth Post-Atlantean Epochs, Medieval Art in the Middle, West, and South of Europe October 15, 1917
The battle for individual artistic expression in the middle of the assertion of traditional eastern (Icons) from the south during the important period during the decline of the fourth and the rise of the fifth post-Atlantean epoch. Icons, miniatures, German Masters.
XII.Greek and Early Christian Art, Symbolic Signs, the Mystery of Gold October 22, 1917
The echoes of the three main influences of the fourth post Atlantean epoch, growing together in time with city culture towards the gold and gemstone art worked into the fifth epoch: old Christian sculpture, sarcophagi and relief. Bernward von Hildesheim.
XIII.The Changes in the Conception of Christ During a Certain Period of Time October 29, 1917
The Transformation in the understanding of Christ in artistic representation: Old-Christian painting and mosaic. Italian masters. Dürer.