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Health and Illness II
GA 348

In 1922 the hundreds of workers from 17 nations engaged in the construction of Rudolf Steiner's first Goetheanum building arranged for Steiner to give them a daily lecture after their morning coffee break. Rudolf Steiner not only had the workers set the lecture themes but also welcomed their questions and comments. This second volume of nine of these talks retains the vital, coloquial, and spontaneous qualities of the first volume. The workers continued to show a special interest in therapeutics and health, but phenomena from all the kingdoms of nature as well as their cosmic origins were also touched upon. Thus, Steiner was able to shed new light on a wide specture of topics, including the effects of healing metals and substances on the human body, pregnancy, beaver lodges and wasp nests, crossed eyes, vegetarian and meat diets, and various specific diseases such as jaundice, rabies, hemophilia, and influenza. Translated by Maria St. Goar. Cover design by Peter van Oordt.

I:Fever Versus Shock December 30, 1922
II:The Brain and Thinking January 05, 1923
III:The Effects of Alcohol on Man January 08, 1923
IV:The Power of Intelligence as the Effect of the Sun — Beaver Lodges and Wasps' Nests January 10, 1923
V:The Effect of Nicotine — Vegetarian and Meat Diets — On Taking Absinthe — Twin Births January 13, 1923
VI:Diphtheria and Influenza — Crossed Eyes January 20, 1923
VII:The Relationship Between the Breathing and the Circulation of the Blood — Jaundice — Smallpox — Rabies January 27, 1923
VIII:The Effect of Absinthe — Hemophilia — The Ice Age — The Declining Oriental and the Rising European Cultures — On Bees February 03, 1923
IX:The Relationship of the Planets to the Metals and their Healing Effects February 10, 1923