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The Rudolf Steiner Archive

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Psychoanalysis in the Light of Anthroposophy

In these five lectures, later published under the title Psychoanalysis and Spiritual Psychology, Steiner lays the foundations for a truly spiritual psychology. The first two lectures constitute a critical examination of the principles of Freud and Jung. The last three lectures begin with a description of the threefold structure of human consciousness (reflective or mirror consciousness, supra-consciousness, and sub-consciousness) and go on to outline a psychology that takes into account both the soul's hidden powers and the complex connections between psychological and organic, bodily processes.

These lectures were given in different locations and at widely different times, but are grouped together under one topic. Three different Bn/GA numbers are represented in this First Edition of this grouping of lectures. This volume is presented here with the kind permission of the Rudolf Steiner Nachlassverwaltung, Dornach, Switzerland. Translated by May Laird-Brown

I.Anthroposophy and Psychoanalysis I (GA 178) November 10, 1917
II.Anthroposophy and Psychoanalysis II (GA 178) November 11, 1917
III.Reflections in the Mirror of Consciousness, Superconsciousness and Subconsciousness (GA 143) February 25, 1912
IV.Hidden Soul Powers (GA 143) February 27, 1912
V.Connections Between Organic Processes and the Mental Life of Man (GA 205) July 02, 1921