Rudolf Steiner Archive 

Calendar of the Soul

Northern Hemisphere

Week 5

Within the light that out of spirit depths
Weaves germinating power into space
And manifests the gods' creative work:
Within its shine, the soul's true being
Is widened into worldwide life
And resurrected
From narrow selfhood's inner power.

Southern Hemisphere

Week 31

The light from spirit depths
Strives to ray outwards, sun-imbued;
Transformed to forceful will of life
It shines into the senses' dullness
To bring to birth the powers
Whereby creative forces, soul-impelled,
Shall ripen into human deeds.

—Translation by Ruth and Hans Pusch

See GA 40 for full calendar and German text.

Reading the Pictures of the Apocalypse
GA 104a
Part Two

We are daily overwhelmed by pictures of the world situation which reflect mighty spiritual events in our time. Our task is to learn to rightly read these pictures and make judgments about them. This book offers rich opportunities for such practice, or inner schooling, so that we can meet the world situation in full wakefulness.

These lectures, consisting of listener's notes, present Steiner's account of the meaning of the most esoteric book in the Bible.

Themes include: the nature of the third millennium; Sorat and the significance of the number 666; the War of All against All; the Second Coming of Christ; and the true nature of the I and the possible futures open to it — futures that depend upon our actions now.

The illustration on the cover is drawn from these lectures. It represents the occult sign for the Intelligence of the Sun, the Christ, the adversary of Sorat, the Demon of the Sun. Translated by James H. Hindes. Preface by Virginia Sease.

This English Edition is presented here with the permission of the Rudolf Steiner-Nachlassverwaltung, Dornach, Switzerland.

 Cover Sheet  
Part One
Lecture One (Munich) April 22, 1907
Lecture Two (Munich) May 01, 1907
Lecture Three (Munich) May 08, 1907
Lecture Four (Munich) May 15, 1907
Part Two
Lecture One (Kristiania) May 09, 1909
Lecture Two (Kristiania) May 10, 1909
Lecture Three (Kristiania) May 11, 1909
Lecture Four (Kristiania) May 13, 1909
Lecture Five (Kristiania) May 14, 1909
Lecture Six (Kristiania) May 15, 1909
Lecture Seven (Kristiania) Ancient Revelations and Learning, How to Ask Modern Questions May 16, 1909
Lecture Eight (Kristiania) May 17, 1909
Lecture Nine (Kristiania) May 18, 1909
Lecture Ten (Kristiania) May 19, 1909
Lecture Eleven (Kristiania) May 20, 1909
Lecture Twelve (Kristiania) May 21, 1909
Appendix: Cosmogony (lecture given in Paris) June 6, 1906

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