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The Younger Generation
GA 217

When Rudolf Steiner gave these lectures to about a hundred German youth hoping to carry the new Waldorf education into modern culture, he stressed the need for “self-education” as the preliminary to all other education. Reading what lived in the youth movement of the time, he attempted to guide his young listeners toward an understanding of themselves within the present world situation of dawning spiritual knowledge. In these lectures Steiner shows the spiritual reality behind the generation gap in which the older and younger generations speak “entirely different soul languages.” Youth longs to find spirit in nature, warm community life, and living wisdom in teachers and so must reject modern adults' dead intellectualism, impersonal social routine, and rampant egotism. While opposition may at first generate enthusiasm, only the will for creation can provide working strength in the long run. These stimulating lectures can help renew this will for creation in people of all ages.

Translated from shorthand reports unrevised by the lecturer, from the German edition published with the title, Pædagogischer Jugendkurs (Vol. 217 in the Bibliographical Survey, 1961.) The translator, R. M. Querido, has endeavored to preserve, wherever possible, the informality and directness of the spoken word which shine through the original text.

Lecture I October 03, 1922
Lecture II October 04, 1922
Lecture III October 05, 1922
Lecture IV October 06, 1922
Lecture V October 07, 1922
Lecture VI October 08, 1922
Lecture VII October 09, 1922
Lecture VIII October 10, 1922
Lecture IX October 11, 1922
Lecture X October 12, 1922
Lecture XI October 13, 1922
Lecture XII October 14, 1922
Lecture XIII October 15, 1922