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The Rudolf Steiner Archive

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Global Values
A New Paradigm for a New World
by Karin Miller

Foreword by Karin (Miller) Wietrzykowski (2023)

I present my book Global Values here in hope it may appeal to people who have explored various spiritual paths and are perhaps new to the challenges of delving into anthroposophy. The book reflects my evolution from being a somewhat materialistic, corporate lawyer steeped in the "New Age" movement to a dedicated proponent of Spiritual Science and a caretaker of the Rudolf Steiner Archive, together with my now husband, Chris Wietrzykowski. This book was an important milestone in my journey.

In 2016, the year after I published the book, Chris read the introduction and found it resonated with anthroposophical principles. I had read some Steiner and learned quite a bit about Theosophy. I felt driven to tell the story of unity consciousness to help bridge the divides resulting from the polarization I was witnessing in the world. Chris knew he had to contact me, now 30 years after we had attended school together and were confirmed in the same church. On our separate paths, we had each developed similar philosophies. At Chris' request, James Stewart agreed to post a link to the book on this website. Chris had already been working on the Archive as a volunteer for many years. Today, after reuniting and getting married, Chris and I now run the Archive ourselves.

Global Values offers a values-based approach to today's world crises. This moral framework is articulated in ten "Global Values": Unity, Community, Life, Freedom, Connection, Sustainability, Creativity, Empowerment, Choice, and Integrity. In non-sectarian language, the work is intended to reach across cultural, religious, and political boundaries, uniting us as one humanity.

Since writing the book, I have become steeped in the teachings of Rudolf Steiner and my views have progressed tremendously. While I have advanced my thinking since then, the underpinnings of the book and the values still ring true. Above all, the conclusion remains the same: we must first transform ourselves as individuals and then, through our actions, we may transform our social structures together. We have the opportunity to thereby take part in a values-based (r)evolution of social transformation. I used to refer to it as Our New Evolution (ONE).

I. Unity
Together we make up one body of life. Our diversity is a celebration of all that is. Together, we are whole.
II. Community
Because we are one, individuals acting in isolation are often ineffective. By joining forces with others, we will realize our full potential.
III. Life
Life energizes and moves all things. The continuity of life is the core of our existence.
IV. Freedom
Freedom is a natural right. Democratic principles are the foundation of social justice.
V. Connection
All things have a profound impact on each other—global economies, cultures, environments, political systems, and our minds, bodies, and spirits.
VI. Sustainability
Sustainable practices are essential to maintain the flow of life for the individual, the community, and the world.
VII. Creativity
Our purpose in life is to create and express ourselves in our unique and diverse ways that support the lives of others.
VIII. Empowerment
By empowering others, we empower ourselves because we are all one. We can only realize our true power together.
IX. Choice
We have the freedom to choose what we create and destroy, how we act and react, what we value, and how we live.
X. Integrity
Everything is integrated—inherently complete, undivided parts of the whole. When we remember our oneness, we act with integrity to the benefit of all.
XI. A Call to Action
Change begins with us. A quiet mind enables transformation. As we heal ourselves, we heal the world. A revolution of values will transform the world.