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239. Karmic Relationships V: Lecture IV 05 Apr 1924, Prague
Tr. Dorothy S. Osmond

Rudolf Steiner
In the Helsingfors4 lectures of 1913 I had already spoken of the very limited abilities of the person in question. This was because the connection between Muawiyah,5 a follower of Mohammed in the 7th century, and Woodrow Wilson, was clear to me. All the fatalism which characterised the personality of Muawiyah, came out in the otherwise inexplicable fatalism of Woodrow Wilson—in his case, fatalism of will.
Helsingfors lecture course: 'The Occult Foundations of the Bhagavad-Gita.' 9 lectures, May/June, 1913.5. Muawiyah, Caliph in Syria from 661 to 680. Founded the dynasty of the Omayyads.6.