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We have developed a new COTS tool for both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres!

Easter is Week 1 in the Northern Hemisphere and Week 27 in the Southern Hemisphere. Rather than combining some lessons to fit a 52 week cycle, we have calculated the number of days between each Easter and divided by 52 equal periods - one for each verse. This allowed us to automate the system. Feel free to navigate to the previous and next verses for comparison during the year.

Compare several translations with the original German text. Contemplate the corresponding verses for deeper insight. Read more about corresponding verses here.

Preface by Rudolf Steiner

The year has its own cycle of life. The human soul can follow in feeling this life of the year. And if the soul opens herself to the influences that thus speak to her week by week, this life with the year will lead her to a real finding of herself. She will feel powers growing up within her, that lend her new strength from within. She will see that such latent powers in herself need to be aroused by the interest that she brings to the world into which she has been born.

In this Calendar there is set down for each week a verse, suited to awake in the soul a fellow-consciousness of what is going on during this particular week of the whole cycle of world-life. The verse is intended to express the note sounded in the soul when she puts herself in unison with this moving life of the world. A healthy feeling of "at oneness" with the course of nature, and, arising thence, a vigorous "finding of oneself," this is what is here intended, in the belief that, for the soul, some such inner accompaniment of the world's path, as pursued in these verses, is a thing for which she harbours the longing, if she but rightly understand herself.

—Translation by Mabel M. Cotterell, 1948

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